if you want to see them, that is...


German Boobs. Is it maybe the tummy that makes them look smaller? Or is it that with those giant asses, there just wasn't anything left over to make nice boobs with? People say Germania has a bad attitude. Maybe you'd have a bad attitude too...


Belgiun Boobs. They seem round and everything, but yuck. They're like big zits. Is it the giant neck? Or the no shoulders? It can't be the thunder thighs because it doesn't help much when they're not there, right? If you're ever going to Belgiun, don't wait on us. We'll catch up with you later. Much later.


Spanish Boobs. uh, what's this all about? You could get hurt with one of these things, and that's without even mentioning the toes. Is this why everybody left Spaine to go to South Ameria?


Flemish Boobs. No wonder she's holding them up with her arms like that. It looks like they'd maybe flop to her knees if she didn't. And how much cellulite is enough cellulite? This is probably enough. Of course, if you live in Flemia, maybe it's a different story. Where is Flemia anyway? No, forget it. It's not important.


Austrican Boobs. Does anybody even know where Austrica is? It doesn't matter, because don't go there. They start out with nothing, then it collapses into a mess. Why are they so darned anxious to show them to you?

Ittalian Boobs. Sure, they're big, but... Do you suppose they always have those things sticking out of them like that? The lower ones are probably okay, although it's not too cool to get your eye poked out by a nipple, but those three things out the top are really pretty weird. Do they bother you too? Just asking. If you ever get to Ittaly, be careful.

Dutch Boobs. It's kind of hard to see past that little guy hiding out in the cleavage, but it's still really unnerving to see tiny little boobs that look like they're stuffed to bursting with silicone. They say Hollan is flat and full of dykes, so what gives with the Wallmart implants? Maybe more feathers would help. Two ought to about do it.

Yukay Boobs. The Yukayers have never been too big on art, but this is kind of a shame. It's one of the ways that the Yukay isn't really part of Yurrup. The babes won't just up and show you their boobs when you want them to, so the Yukay artists have to make them up without seeing them. And you can see how this one's not too long on experience, because even though the shape is okay, they just aren't what you'd call atomically correct, are they? When you think about it, that's probably why so many Yukay rock bands came to Ameria. They wanted to see some real boobs, not just cartoon boobs. Oh well. At least the cartoon Yukay dude has a nice tuxedo.

Did you think we forgot French Boobs? Well, we didn't. It's just that there's kind of a mystery about them, and we can't really say for sure if we got it right or not. But you could check it out for yourself.
If you want. Or if you don't you could just go back to Yurrup.