Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson...
from The Boomer Bible,
Book of Dave

Chapter 54
In fact, Dustin Hopeless will be an incredibly important star,
2  Because he'll make so many important movies,
3  And show everyone how things really are,
4  Like in a movie called 'The Carnal Graduate,'
5  Which will be all about what it's like to be an affluent college graduate in America,
6  As played by Dustin Hopeless, naturally,
7  Who will do a great job of looking confused,
8  As well as bewildered,
9  Not to mention baffled,
10  Because nothing makes any sense,
11  Including the older woman he has an affair with,
12  Played by Ann Bankrupt,
13 Who is completely cold and selfish and nasty about everything but sex,
14 And her daughter,
15 Played by Katherine Cross,

16  Who doesn't know what to do with her life because her mother is so cold and selfish and nasty about everything,
17  And even including his parents' friends,
18  Played by Jack Nickerson and Art Carbuncle,
19  Who are completely burned out on all the sex they've already had with Ann Bankrupt, 
20  Not to mention Ann-Margarita and Candace Virgin and Rita Moranmoro,
21  Who have had so much sex with Jack and Art that the only thing that excites them anymore is plastic,
22  For some reason,
23  And just shows why so many young people will get so alienated from their parents and society and everything,
24  Because movies like this will show things the way they really are,
25  Whether anyone likes it or not.