Ride Again.

Not a big fan of Redford. But I liked this movie. Girl loves horse. Girl and horse experience terrible trauma. Girl loses leg, horse goes loco. Girl hates horse and life in general. Enter Horse Whisperer. One learning point. Horse also loved girl. In the accident that cost her leg, he was trying to protect her. He failed.

In one way or another we all fail. Death and loss hold most of the cards. But dogs hold better cards, all the royal ones. We burn slowly for a long long time. They burn bright briefly to light our way. They were never going to be there the whole way through our lives. So why are they there and why are we here? Why do we put up with each other? Why do we love each other so devotedly?

Their mission is to remind us of the continuum. They make us little gods in training. What God sees. The generations roll over, and every one of them is lovely, some more, some less, like a mountain range. We behold their journey from youth to old age, their wisdom at the end, their acceptance of the transition to what next.

You lose them, you mourn them, and then you renew them with the ones you welcome after them and love thereafter.

Life is not one horse to ride but many.

4 thoughts on “Ride Again.

  1. This is indeed a beautiful tribute to the ones who have passed. I have only known a few that deeply in my own life, but this post resonates with their memories perfectly. I had not seen the Redford movie, but with the posting of this clip, perhaps I’ll give it a chance.

    Thank you.

  2. I just heard a small summary of the back story for this post. My heart is mournful this morning for you, and I sympathize with your great losses.

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