Trash (probably NSFW)

Rule of what? Oh yeah. Pussy.

Rule of what? Oh yeah. Pussy.

There’s really nothing left. The people in charge are all trash. You know who they are. We do what we want, whenever we want. You don’t like it? Screw you. NSA observation? What have you got to hide?

How about my privacy? Should I specify? No. But I will. You don’t get to know what I look up at Google or where I go with GPS. None of your business. What is my business? Ah. I’ll let you in on the secret, just this once.

The Clintons. Big Bill is, was, allowed to commit perjury. We loved him for it. Which makes us trash too.

Maybe that’s when it all ended. After that came Hillary, who was also trash. She lied her ass off about understanding a husband who screwed teenagers and raped campaign assets. No reason to believe anything she ever said afterward. No wonder Benghazi was a treacherous, tragic farce.

Then came Obama. Who just lied and lied and lied until anyone with any sense would have thrown up, but nobody had any sense and so we’re stuck with the worst president the U.S. ever had. When no one can believe anything you say, there’s no more freedom. You’re just the unpredictable psycho in charge, like the chief gangster in Escape from New York.

Really enjoyed the new IRS director’s report on how the tax kids did nothing wrong, no matter how hard he tried to find out otherwise.

The same way I loved The FBI director’s inability to remember anything about any investigation of anything.

And Eric Holder’s insistence that he’s never done anything to interfere with the freedom of the press. Hell, everyone knows the press is sick to death of being free.

And don’t forget the War on Women, recently won by the Planned Parenthood, er, Obama electoral victory in 2012. Because women have to be free to screw their brains out and flush away the consequences right up to the last minute. Because, you know, women are morally superior to every living being who doesn’t have a penis. Why it’s so important for them to show their penis-free crotches to everyone via Facebook, texted images, and TMZ.

Trash? Do any of you even know what it is? It’s people who don’t have values but poses, foul mouths, fancied privileges, and exorbitant appetites. Michelle? Anybody? Barack? Everybody? The mentality of me, me, me, me, me is nothing but trash when you’ve asked millions to spend hundreds of millions to put you in charge. Especially when you refuse to take responsibility for absolutely anything that happens on your watch. Trash.

What’s the practical adult result?

It’s that we now have a record and an outcome, a fatal one. The end of the rule of law. An administration that enforces laws it likes and ignores laws it doesn’t. Like an arbitrary, angry girlfriend.

Which is the ultimate corruption. It no longer matters what laws are passed. The ones the Obama Gang don’t like just don’t matter at all. So why should the Congress pass anything? No reason at all.

Meaning what? We have a president who’s little more than, well, what he always was, let’s face it, a stupid trophy wife. If only he had her balls. He can telephone Lebron but not Putin. More French-tongue than shark-bite. The republic is dead. When Rome killed its republic, the Empire was born. In our case, the republic dies, with all its liberties, just in time to get overrun immediately by a wave of barbarians who’ve been waiting for the pouting pussy we now have as president.

Somebody characterized it as the Second Carter term. I think that understates it. I still don’t think Carter 1) wanted to kill the United States, or 2) thought hanging around with Hollywood and NBA royalty was the whole point of being president.

So now we’re just a joke. Gives us new aspirations to pursue, right? We can become the Greeks of the new age of China. Slave architects, technologists, and entertainers.

It’ll be fun, right? Until they piss on our climate control fantasies… unless the Pussy-in-Chief is willing to lap that up too. Who knows what he’s already learned from the FLOTUS flow?

2 thoughts on “Trash (probably NSFW)

  1. Yes, destroyed. Hard to remain optimistic. A lot of people I know lost their jobs this week. Healthcare costs are a part of that. Turns out you can import IT workers and not pay for their health insurance and save a tremendous amount of money doing so. Further erosion of the American Dream.

    I have my 5 acres out in the nowhere land. I have my houses and lands here in the city. I, too, have been furloughed. No danger, yet. I am so (fiscally) conservative that even conservatives marvel at my conservatism.

    That said, fuck all. America is suffering and the people with the most power are too busy congratulating each other for being too smart to notice. Insane. Fiddles never sounded so fiery.

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