My Turn

It's bad when someone is hurt.

It’s bad when someone is hurt.

We do the every day and we are happy. The every day changes and we are not happy. The Boss is cross and breakfast is not when breakfast is or the dinner or anything else. Mommy sleeps and is still and the Boss stops us from touching her. We are sitting on our haunches and the Boss says lie down. There are no treats. There is the every day you know and today is every day until the every day is the no day again.

Wag. Lie down. Lie down get up lie down. Grrr. Mommy is less still and she sleeps more. The Boss is more tired and he sleeps not so much. He does not touch so much. We touch if we can.

We do the every day. Every day. We are happy. Wag. We lie down.

5 thoughts on “My Turn

  1. Oh please. Really. Don’t pay any attention to him. He’s scoring cheetos like mad. And the no touching thing is just a flat out lie. He sits his giant ass on the missus and me every chance he gets, at least twice a day. As if he were some lap dog. Which he isn’t except when one of us isn’t on the couch for some reason. When he instantly usurps the missing one and plops his big head in the remaining lap. That sad look is all part of his act, meaning where are are the cheetos? Or at least, the veri-thin pretzels.

    Oh. He also knows about past and future tenses. You can’t live in the constant present if you don’t know about the magic cupboard where there were once tastycakes and Cheezits, and if you don’t know that the rules and schedules will be different come Saturday and Sunday. Take it from me. He knows what commas are too.

  2. Sounds like Mommy is healing, bit by bit. I certainly hope so.

    Also sounds like the Boss is feeling the strain of being the Boss. I wish I had a remedy for that.

    I can tell you a simple way to meditate, though, for whatever it’s worth. You close your eyes, preferably somewhere dim or dark, and watch your eyelids as though they were the screen in a movie theater, before the movie starts. If you start daydreaming, go back to watching. Unless it’s shaping up to be a potentially useful daydream, in which case, go with it. If you fall asleep, enjoy your nap.

    I can’t guarantee that will work for you, but in my case, there’s a big difference between thinking and watching. They both have their place.

  3. Yes. She’s getting better. Bit by bit. Sometimes we’re even having fun. We have started watching Turner Classic Movies, which we never did before. That’s definitely fun.

    Thanks for continuing to express concern. We’re touched by that. Honestly.

    Thanks also for the meditation advice. Oddly enough, I have finally stumbled on a variant of it that’s working. The other night, I suddenly quit thinking of lost dogs and cats as painful losses. I started thinking of them as delights awaiting me on the other side. When I close eyes with that in mind they’re all there, tails wagging, swarming around me and comforting me just as the living ones have been trying so vainly to do. They don’t carry the baggage of disappointed human expectations. They’re just one after one who loves you as much as you loved them. That’s the direction in which sleep (and rest) lies.

    Hope that helps someone besides me.

  4. It might help me. For all the time I’ve spent wondering about God I’ve not wondered nearly as much about the afterlife. Then one night, months ago, I had a dream about it. In the dream, contrary to my expectations, the afterlife wasn’t less real or vivid than this life. It was more. That may have been the first time since my childhood that I honestly considered the possibility.

  5. Good to hear from the true owner of this site! Smart to use his readers’ sympathies to score more treats, I’d love to see him consume a Happy Meal.

    I got to the post late, but now it’s the 4th, and I wanted to wish Raebert, the Boss, Mommy, and the rest a wonderful Independence Day. I hope any nearby fireworks aren’t setting off the whole house. Stay cool, enjoy the TCM, and stay happy, there’s much to be thankful for!

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