Two Victims (not counting us)

Hoodies are cool. Unless they get you killed. So maybe don't wear one if you don't want to get killed. An idea I had. But what do I know?

Hoodies are cool. Unless they get you killed. So maybe don’t wear one if you don’t want to get killed. An idea I had. But what do I know?

What a mess. No celebrating here. One life snuffed out. One life turned into a hell to its last breath. Two dumb young’uns who made a series of dumb decisions that resulted in death. Sad all round. Can’t stand the hyped up post-mortem coverage of the verdict any more than I could stand the mountains of media and political whoring that led to this night.

The participants are congratulating themselves on the victory of the legal system. Fine. But the legal system is powerless against the real villains in this case. The race hustlers who made a sad, sorry local fatality into a national obsession that amounts to incitement to riot. Who will prosecute NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, or the president of the United States for inflaming racial relations in a completely cynical and unnecessary way — just to promote a race narrative that was obsolete before the current administration made it the be-all defense of every screw-up, failure, and corrupt act by the federal government?

Disgust. And sorrow. That’s all I’m feeling right now. How about you?

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  1. Agreed. Now that it’s over, I’ve turned my back on the MSM again — they talk about riot so often that I would hold *them* responsible for starting one. The fact that this went to trial in the first case after race-baiting leaders put pressure on the state… the evidence was just not there.

    There will most likely be a wide ripple effect from this one, and it’s being propogated by the talking head press, Twitter, and Facebook. Sad is right.

    Also, people are missing Sharia law in Egypt and forgetting about the President’s mis-administration and scandals.

  2. Most likely the Zimmerman trial will be the last appearance of Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence in a serious trial. Soon trials will be conducted according to the standard of Social Justice jurisprudence, with the proper weight given the race, class, and gender of the plaintiff and defendant until the adversary system of justice itself is discarded in favor of magistrates of social justice who have the power to investigate and punish crime.

  3. They call it shameful joy for a reason, but I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been on a schadenfreude bender for the last few days. I certainly wasn’t alive for either Jim Crowe or Slavery, and despite what the race hustlers think, I don’t think I benefited from those institutions (my family processed in through Ellis Island in the 20th Century). But I was here for the OJ verdict. I went to a predominately black high-school, and our teachers let us listen to the verdict as it was read over the PA system. The black students jumped for joy. Me (and the one or two other white kids) sat there dumbfounded.

    This case shows what’s wrong with the “conservatives” more than anything else, and why voting Republican is pretty much futile (at least at the national level) even to protect cultural prerogatives. Jeb Bush is a craven coward.

    George Zimmerman SHOULD NOT have stayed in his car, and SHOULD NOT wring his hands or issue mea culpas even if he suspected Trayvon of being a criminal and thug merely for being black. Thought crimes are still not yet prosecutable offenses in the US (they are in England) and both the empirical evidence and the history around Sanford gave Zimmerman every right to suspect Trayvon especially because he was black. Not only that, but Trayvon’s history which was occluded in the criminal trial (but will come out in a civil suit) shows that Zimmerman’s suspicions would have been correct. Racism of a practical nature (i.e. John Derbyshire’s “The Talk”) saves lives. And any conservative dumb or weak enough to think that ANY act on their part can save them from a charge of racism is a worm. If you ever begin a sentence by saying “I’m not racist” you are a worm. I am a racist, because whites are on their way to being a despised remnant, a hated minority in America, and they had better jettison the guilt and understand that the people whose favor they’re courting want them dead.

    I saw the crime scene photo of Trayvon’s body splayed out. I felt, looking at it, what I feel when I see the body of a vicious predator dredged from the depths of the ocean. Relief. The human cost of black pathology, arrogance, and violence, celebrated by black entertainers, “preachers,” athletes, black politicians, and the dumb whites that worship them, has its collateral damage, and a long list of victims, both black and white.

    Fuck Trayvon.

    • The Talk. I never got it from my dad. I got it from a friend who had been living in Philly when I first moved there as a kid of, uh, slender income. He was afraid I didn’t know what I needed to survive in the city. Have to admit a lot of what he said corresponded eerily with what Derbyshire said. But Derbyshire is a Brit. And he went two, three, four steps too far in HIS talk. And my friend was talking about living in a ghetto Derbyshire has never even spent a night in.

      I’ve spent a lot of time watching Brit TV shows and movies. They have just about as many black and brown faces as American shows do. God knows, they’re more than sanctimonious about racial relations in America. Piers Morgan is a racial philosopher, pontificating every day. Funny thing, though. The Brits don’t have any blacks or even Indians in their country. Oh. Well, about 1.8 percent apiece.

      I don’t listen to what ANY of them have to say about race relations in America. They don’t know shit about us. Period.

      • I’m glad Piers and Rachel Jeantel had a chance to talk. They have a lot in common. He perjured himself in Operation Elvden/ The Levison Inquiry, and she perjured herself in the Trayvon Martin trial.

        Derb’s British background isn’t very relevant to his Talk, since he is now living in America (and has been for a long time). More importantly, he has a young son who is Eurasian (and will be perceived as white), and who has just joined the US Army as a Ranger. The Rangers are an elite group, which means that most of the blacks he comes in contact with will be good soldiers not of a sociopathic bent, but the military is a terrible environment, a racial cauldron trumped only perhaps by the experience of spending time in prison or working service industry (convenience store/pizza delivery) in the ghetto. Any racial illusions can get him hurt, killed, or (all joking aside) sexually assaulted by black males.

        Cognitive dissonance is not a crime, but it takes money to go the Chris Matthews/Jonah Goldberg route and excoriate the racists while living in neighborhoods as monochromatic as the staff of NASA 1960. Derb’s son needs to be on high-alert.

          • Your confusion is confusing me. You said Derb went too far in his The Talk: The Non-Black Version, primarily because he doesn’t have much of a figurative dog in the hunt of white-black relations, being a relatively comfortable expat. My point was that Derb has a teenage son who is getting ready to join the military (which is a cauldron of racial tension) and so unalloyed, non-PC talk on race is just what the doctor ordered (and since Derb is a numbers guy, pretty much everything he told his son was based on cold logic).

            People get killed in the military over racial beefs in garrison environments all the time. CID exists for a reason.

  4. Funny thing. I’ve been on the line every time I went into a black bar. Once went into a totally black bar in the middle of nowhere. They looked at me like an alien. Came out alive. Had a good time too. You get carried away.

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