Much less than a god

GodadamaRetouchRaebert knows I’m not God. God is.

But I know a lot. Ask Helk. He knows physics down to the level of quanta, but he also knows I feel the nature of the universe more than he does. I’m an oxymoron. I’m just a dilettante writer. But at some level I know, have always known, absolutely everything, from the smallest to the biggest. I know where everything fits and how, no matter where you point your finger. I can reorganize the whole universe from that point, see it all in an instant, and then struggle to explain it to people who can’t remember all the ripples as they expand.

Normally I don’t parade that fact. But this week I’m outraged. When everyone focuses on a pure triviality, my perspective becomes, uh, hi-def. Who’s the smartest pundit in the world? Krauthammer. To me he’s just a blister. I told my wife what he would say last night almost word for word. He was right but he was wrong too.

The United States is being slain. All the myopic pundits can’t ever quite see it. Too much personal stuff, too much belief in the power of maneuvering. Too much intimidation by the better educated libs of the NYT and WAPO. They all still think there was a course at Harvard or Yale or Columbia that just makes you smarter than everyone else.

My perspective is different. Why I’m content to some degree that educated morons will succeed in ending the American experiment. Not because there’s anything but buffoonery to sustain their world view, but because intelligence rises and falls like the tides, subject to the cycles of the moon and sun.

What I’m trying to share here is my boredom with the process. I know what is happening, I know why it is happening, I know exactly how fucking idiotic all the supposedly brilliant people are (as if I were watching from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel), and I know that we are as doomed as a sailor with feet cast in concrete and attached to an anchor chain tossed overboard.

So I’m part human and part pure mind. My mind says let it go, let it all go. It’s time. My human self says fight to the death, to the last gasp, and beyond.

I choose to fight, even as I drift farther and farther away in the dreams I experience at night. What I’m telling you is that I need all of you to keep me tethered HERE.

Don't bother me. The Boss might know everything.

Don’t bother me. The Boss might know everything.

Raebert’s wrong to turn his back. I need you all.

P.S. Lake reminds me that nobody knows physics anymore but MIT and Cal-Tech nerds. He’s right.


Then why does Raebert know the answer to the riddle of Schroedinger’s Cat? When the box opens, what’s in there is definitely dead, unless he recognizes the face. If it’s Mickey, Izzie, Elliott, or Cassie, it’s his cat. Everyone else is Schroedinger’s and a dead man.

9 thoughts on “Much less than a god

  1. Just started reading an interesting book yesterday. It pointed out something that should have been blindingly obvious to me, but somehow wasn’t: that, though the Newtonian revolution in science brought with it a whole new set of paradigms for how we see the world, the quantum physics revolution *should* have brought with it yet another set of paradigms, but didn’t. The mechanical universe is still the dominant model in popular culture.

    Nothing you haven’t been trying to point out for the last quarter century, of course, but I’m only now realizing how really strange it is that our society is still limping along under a model so outdated.

  2. This is my favorite Raebert image to date! (the first one)

    You need us. We continue to need you. Part of me wants to say that you’ve done multiple long tours of duty, paid your dues, and deserve to rest and dream. But watching you continue to fight through it all, even seeing the outcome years in advance, inspires me to not settle, not stop. I’ve often felt like I’m on a battlefront here in the education world, interacting with the next generation like few others have the privilege to do. Your posts are like letters from home, keeping me sane, hopeful, and motivated to continue the fight. Because it’s worth fighting. Even when you know how it will end.

    Stay with us. We need you like you need Raebert. That is, immensely.

  3. You asked me to ask for it here, so I’m asking — tell us about the nights and the dreams if you are willing to put it into print. Not to push you more firmly over there, but to help us keep you connected to the daily fight. If you want to.

  4. In response to your update and the open letter video, it does give me some measure of happiness that ‘physics for the laymen’ books are quite popular, including those with deeper math and concepts. Then again, I suspect that many read those book to arrive at *answers*, rather than finding that modern physics is almost nothing but big, big questions.

    As for your dreams, I feel like I’ve imposed, forgive me. While I’d genuinely like to know what’s going on at 100 or 1000 levels above my consciousness, I have no right to try to drag it out of you publicly, despite your polite prompting.

  5. There was a time when I thought I knew something about the nature of reality. I gave that up. Reality is a moving targe and as such you can never really know it for what it is instead you can only know it for the blur that it appears to be.

    Numbers, on the other hand, do not change and remain inalterable throughout time We orbit them and attempt to make sense of the apparent order that always seems just beyond description. I am of course speaking of the prime number distribution.

    I have been very busy workig on the distribution of the Twin Primes. Part of my excuse for being absent is that I have been completely absorbed.

    Closer. 9 new sequences.

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