As promised: Tiffany.

She's also a reader, that Tiffany.

She’s also a reader, that Tiffany.

Thanks to commenter Joe for sharing photos of the better being in his life. I urge you all to do the same. The book Tiffany is reading is “Feast of Snakes” by Harry Crews. You can find it at Wiki and probably Amazon. Anyway… She looks like a good girl.

There's a little deerhound in everyone.

There’s a little deerhound in everyone.

4 thoughts on “As promised: Tiffany.

  1. I implied a promise I will now make explicit, along with a new Internet meme, MBB ( my better being). Send me photos of your dogs and cats and I will post them. You can find my email address by searching the comments or calling your local NSA office. To make it official, put MBB in your subject block.

  2. Tiffany is a little cutie.

    Feel free to post the pics of Max if you like. The iPod’s “HDR” feature added some weird artifacts to one of them, but they’re good enough for government work.

  3. Thanks, Rob. Dogs do more for things like PTSD than any drug cocktail. In Iraq and Afghanistan, they actually had these black labs they kept in the medical centers. I feel bad for the beasts who are forced to be canine psychiatrists and soak up all the sadness of the soldiers, but they are indeed man’s best friend.

    That book came to me courtesy of the writer John L. Sheppard, who was in an MFA program taught by the writer Harry Crews.

    Tiffy looks somewhat grumpy in this photo because she was accompanying me on a photo essay project I had to do for an elective on German-American architecture in Cincinnati. This particular cemetery allowed no dogs, and she was asked to leave (hence that expression on her face).

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