Max. Or Silly Person Territory.

When you don't know your dog is a sighthound, you might be a silly person.

When you don’t know your dog is a sighthound, you might be a silly person.

We love you, Guy. But what you have here is a sighthound with a five day’s growth of beard. Congratulations.

Look up all the greyhound friends websites and bask in their flashing, vulnerable beauty.

5 thoughts on “Max. Or Silly Person Territory.

  1. I’ve known Max long enough now to know he isn’t like most dogs I’ve known. A great dog, a cuddly buddy, but at times — and I say this with the utmost affection — a total spaz.

    I’m cool with that. Took some getting used to — as I mentioned in my email, my last dog was a female black lab, so there’s some serious culture shock involved — but I’ve gradually learned to anticipate what will set him off. And I thank you and Lady Laird for the tip about tie-outs being a possible prelude to a broken neck. Definitely not something I want to expose him to.

  2. Just recalled an interesting thing about Max. Fireworks and thunder don’t faze him the least little bit. He doesn’t even seem to notice them. Is that a common greyhound trait?

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