Chaos Theory

Not a painting. An event still unfolding.

Not a painting. An event still unfolding.

Some pugilistic tactics are so extreme that nobody sees them for what they are until long after the fact. A case in point, Ali-Foreman. All that time on the ropes. Suicidal in historical context. Guarantee of victory on the day.

Much the same with Obama. Had this at the back of my mind for months. No need to bring it out till he denounced the distraction of “phony scandals.” And Geraldo Rivera’s PR interpretation of just how successfully that term might play.

Genius, really. How do you bypass scandals when your whole purpose is to undermine and hijack the legitimate government? Easy. Just have so many scandals that nobody can keep up with them all.

Yes, I was an English major, but I was also a student of chaos theory. Which is eloquent about how, the point at which, order turns to chaos and what happens next.

That moment is called a phase transition. Things don’t move gradually from order to chaos. Take the instance of an employee juggling an increasing number of responsibilities. He can handle it, he can handle it, yes, even she can handle it until there’s one variable too many. Which results in sudden total collapse.

What happens next is called turbulence. The moment the clear stream from the tap suddenly starts spitting and splashing. Normal human response. Start closing the tap. Fewer inputs, less turbulence.

The Obama administration has actually done Saul Alinsky one better. The way to seize control is not just to set one constituency against another. It’s to violate conventions and laws so consistently and outrageously, so nakedly, that nobody can keep up with it.

Call me Sebastian.

Call me Sebastian.

Raebert’s gay uncle would like you all to observe a bit of silence in memory of royal perversions past. Then he’d like to have a word. Some ancient Celtic BS no doubt..

When everything’s a scandal, nothing is. Welcome to the end of the United States. The best and the brightest in the MSM, academia, and the government are dumber than rocks. Their country is being stolen even from THEIR weird dreams.

I see it all. But how long can you keep me alive?

It's really time you stopped talking and started listening.

It’s really time you stopped talking and started listening.

3 thoughts on “Chaos Theory

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  2. Good morning.

    I think that’s an accurate portrayal of what’s going on now, and the chaos theory connection is apt. First, there’s the sensitivity to initial conditions. In his first term, Obama set all of the current chaos up with his appointment of radical heads, his inattention to powerful forces (or willful blessing), and his speechifying instead of actually working. Now the results are coming to fruition.

    I also see some hope in this situation. With chaos comes unpredictability and opportunity, the chance for a ‘strange attractor’ to develop that could harm his plans or help ours. He never counted on the 15 year pause in global warming to almost perfectly coincide with his plans to roll out his carbon lunacy. He couldn’t have predicted Snowden, which led to an uprising of internet nerds calling their reps and bringing the spotlight on Amash, even though it didn’t succeed. If chaos is what he’s wrought, then he’ll be in the same position we are, reacting to its dividends.

    When everything is a scandal, nothing is — you said it. I find that I have to keep repeating them to myself so that they stay in the front of my consciousness — IRS, spying on reporters, Benghazi, DOJ, NSA. Sorry, the word ‘phony’ won’t be enough to sweep these away, and two Georges (Zimmerman and the little prince) are temporary distractions.

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