ENOUGH double entendres

An army of 9-year-olds.

An army of 9-year-olds.

I haven’t posted for a while. Chalk it up to disgust. I’ve been forced to confront the fact that even the conservative new media are little more than 9 year olds addicted to fart and dick jokes. How easy was it to distract them from the ongoing dismantlement of the greatest nation in history? Give them a source of endless double entendres about a licentious minor league politico surnamed Weiner.

Drudge Report headlines about Anthony Weiner’s mayoral campaign:

  • Weiner Plunges In
  • Shrinkage
  • Weiner Sticks It Out
  • Campaign Now Working Short Staffed
  • Weiner’s Wife Gets the Short End of the Stick

Ha ha ha. While Detroit crashes, the president denies there are any scandals, and the MSM prepares to anoint the Bitch of Benghazi with political sainthood Hollywood style.

From Hot Air: Collapse: Weiner goes limp in new post-scandal poll

Yeah, that Allahpundit is a savvy wit, n’est-ce pas? And the usual semi-literate crew from Breitbart. Clever as a fourth-grader asking you to pull his finger in the boy’s room. What a sense of mission they inherited from the martyr Andrew….

From Breitbart: Wiener blows off Pelosi; New Yorkers Don’t Want Weiner to Pull Out

Good lord. Sick of it, I transferred my attention to a place where the writing is always good, always literate, mostly clean, and only occasionally lunatic: National Review Online. Now I’m using them to catch up on subjects I probably should have been commenting on. These are all excellent pieces, well written and argued, and I encourage you to read every word of every one.

National Review Articles

Goldberg: Bending the Trayvon Martin Tragedy to Fit
A good summary of what happened, how, and why it should rankle.

Hanson: Needed: A Tragic Hero
With one spectacular omission, an inspired view of the contemporary political scene from the viewpoint of anti-liberals.

Cooke: Ashamed of Patriotism
A reminder of who the moral relativists are.

Beito: The New Deal Witch Hunt
Some history all but a few of us have forgotten.

Sowell: The Tragedy of Isolation
Thomas Sowell. More about him later.

Prager: How Liberalism Makes It Easier to Sin
Oh, you were a little bit interested in the ramifications of the Wiener scandal? Here you go. No dirty jokes.

Fund: Get Ready for the All-Hail-Hillary Movies
Diane Lane as Hillary? Does that pass the laugh test? And a few other historical facts that don’t either.

Stuttaford: Our Climate-Change Cathedral
Global Warming in a longer historical context than the faithful would be comfortable with. Predictions of such nonsense as far back as the early 19th century. Enjoy.

Charen: What Happened to the Monica Lewinsky Standard? oops.
More Weiner. We’re so sad the Clintons are pissed.

Goldberg: Cynic-in-Chief
Jonah Goldberg. The smartest dilettante since me. (I only say that because I’m older and therefore came earlier.)

Krauthammer: Stein’s Law
Tour de Force of the art of the essay. Detroit screwed down to an aphorism.

Murdock: Fight Liberal Word Games
A neglected voice. Deroy Murdock sees clearly.

Williamson: The Plantation Theory
Language a lot of us have been careless with. Check your own conscience and reasoning.

Goldberg: The Real Helen Thomas
I thought I was good at the killing’em without actually laying a glove on’em game. This is the masterpiece of the art.

Hanson: Facing Facts about Race
Treading in the dangerous waters that sucked under yours truly and John Derbyshire, Victor Davis Hanson is brave, honest, and doomed.

Hanson: Untruth at The New Yorker
(followup to previous) I said doomed. Here’s what happens.

Lowry: Suicide by Government
Lowry has a clean, forthright style. See how it contrasts with the actual history of Detroit.

And for extra credit, a brief collection of beautifully brief essays by the best of us all, Thomas Sowell. If you don’t read anything else, read these:

Is This Still America?
Who Is Racist?
The Left’s Central Delusion
Academia’s Unexamined Assumptions

Read, read, read. What I’ve been doing. Granted there’s no dish on Christie vs. Paul, immigration, or defunding ObamaCare. I’ll get to that. But the content above can help get your mind right for discussing those things in their proper context.

Darkness. Some of us know how to move in it.

Darkness. Some of us know how to move in it.

4 thoughts on “ENOUGH double entendres

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  2. What a great collection, I’m glad you found something worth reading! And now I have as well. Looking foward to the porch in the shade up in Maine and some good Sowell (while I wait patiently for the latest from Laird).

    Edit: Hmm, all of Hanson’s tragic heroes were male… Maybe his list is too narrow in scope.

  3. Have you read Jonah’s book, “Liberal Fascism?” He started the book before the Cynic and Chief took office. Like Jagger, Jonah Goldberg is a true Force of Nature!

    • Yes, Dave. I’ve referenced Liberal Fascism at least twice. First time, I said this about Jonah:

      I do admire Jonah Goldberg. He’s a young’un. He’s a South Park conservative and I suspect he actually likes Jon Stewart, never mind the fact that Stewart has an IQ less than half his own. Vaudeville interviewing Velikovsky. The latter might be wrong, but the former is only a clown courting controversy in the presence of his betters. Still. Stewart hadn’t read the book. He knew none of the history. He responded to its unwelcome message with cheap shots rather than honest questions. He used his videotape editors to sabotage Goldberg after the fact. He’s a shit. And Jonah once again exhibited the only significant difference between Scots and Jews: he probably still likes Jon Stewart because he’s funny sometimes. That’s not how Scots think of the matter. I couldn’t do an interview with Jon Stewart. I despise him too much to pretend I like him. I’d probably assault him physically.

      Second time, the whole post is a demonstration of Jonah’s brilliant diagnosis.

      But I respectfully suggest he wasn’t exactly ahead of me. He is still a young’un after all. And more famous. More power to him. I think he’s great.

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