It’s OUR job to catch him at his desk.


We have to be persistent. He’s an important and busy man. We’d wait in the hall but since the sequester we can’t do that either. What we can do: Sit on Cspan, which is the only network willing to aim a camera at empty chairs (the senate) and wait and wait and wait for someone to show up.

He’s bound to show up. Cruise missiles and foreign targets? No president is going to do anything like that from the golf course, right? We’re not Venezuela, right?

So we’ll just sit here and wait. It will all work out. It’s our responsibility to be patient and, you know, wait. Dog Days and all that. The back nine gets so clogged in the August heat.

That Assad dude is clever playing from the bunker...

That Assad dude is clever playing from the bunker…

One thought on “It’s OUR job to catch him at his desk.

  1. Rush says Obama plays spades with Reggie Love more than he golfs these days. Since you can’t really have a Spades handicap, there’s no way to judge if his game’s improving, though.

    A long time ago on the Instapunk site you said that people should begin compiling reams and reams of facts, sans all the hot air, about Obama. I wonder if anyone has archived the exact number of days that each president has taken vacation or been outside of the Oval Office, from Washington until Obama, and if some analysis has been done on those numbers? I know there are all kinds of specialized presidential historians. I will do some research on this and get back to you.

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