Thousand words worth of picture

He says he hates the Phillies.

He says he hates the Phillies. That’s enough to finish him in South Jersey. But read on…

There’s honesty and then there’s rotten retail politics. Chris Christie may be reelected governor, but it won’t be with the help of my vote.

I overlooked, or tried to, his obsession with Bruce Springsteen, which seemed overwrought to me. I tout the Stones, but I attended five of their concerts in 50 years. Christie went to more than a hundred shows by the Boss. Even though Springsteen is a hard lefty who ostentatiously hates all Republicans who aren’t his next door neighbors in the mansion community of Rumsen or his daughter’s coaches in thoroughbred show jumping. Huh? Okay.

Okay. I guess. But the picture gets darker. Christie goes screwy on a variety of issues. Gun control. Immigration. Federal aid. (He’s way too heavy to be hanging on the federal tit.) He sucks up to Obama right before the election. Okay. Okay.

He appears as a guest host on sports talk radio. He assaults a reporter who dared to ask hard questions of the crazed head coach of the New York Jets. Who just happens to be a personal friend of Christie’s. Conflict of interest much? But……. Okay……

Except that he also outed himself as a Dallas Cowboys fan.

Sorry. End of game. North and south, New Jersey is NFC East. North, the Giants. South, the Eagles. Yes, they hate each other, but both hate the Dallas Cowboys with a volcanic passion. Worse, they hate locals who are Cowboy fans. No end of names for who and what that particular form of scum should be called. Not kidding. It’s serious around here, from the top to the bottom of the state.

Let’s say I could overlook it personally. Forget that. (I can’t btw.) But it’s disastrously rotten retail politics. It betrays a tone deafness that will inevitably show up in other ways. Loving the Cowboys won’t do Christie in. But if he can make this kind of mistake in his home state, he will inevitably in his hubris make worse mistakes in any national campaign.

Christie is not a national candidate. He’s a flash in the pan. More precisely, he’s a fat man who doesn’t know enough not to wear white pants ANYWHERE ANYTIME.

Sad to say.

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  1. I was listening to comedian Joey Diaz’s podcast earlier today. Diaz was a Decavalcante mafia hanger-on in his youth in North Bergen, New Jersey, and from the picture he paints, New Jersey politicians out-Tammany both the Chicago and New York machines combined. Even when I look at Christie, I see some early 20th century ward boss doling out favors and cinching his belt up over his humpty-dumpty girth. He needs a fat-bellied cigar, some suspenders, and that high-pitched Mezzo-Soprano voice that Fiorello Laguardia or Huey Long had. “Alright, boys, the mugs in Ward Five don’t want to play ball with Obama. Delaney’s boss there. Barack’s been real good to Jersey, bought me tickets to Springsteen’s last show. Send out Legs and Itchy to knock over a few news stands in Delaney’s ward. When you get done there, stop by the governor’s mansion. I might have a couple extra tickets so you’s guys can see the Boss, too, see?”

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