Cold Calculus

The people who die are real people, you know.

The people who die are real people, you know.

One last thing I want to say about the defunding fools and the much wiser Republican establishment types. Defeating ObamaCare by letting it fail in practice is a death sentence for a lot of Americans.

Are you upset about Benghazi? Angry that someone made the determination that there was nothing to be done to save the victims of the attack?

Then how do you reconcile your conviction that we should let ObamaCare collapse in practice? What does collapse consist of? People who lose their insurance, lose doctors who know their histories, lose their lives because doctors are fleeing Medicare and there’s no one to call when they’ve fallen down and can’t get up because of old age illnesses no one, especially the government, wants to deal with anymore?

Think I’m overstating? What’s the definition of a failed government program? Paperwork up the wazoo, lots of lost time before anything happens, and bureaucratic interference in what is finally decided. Those are cracks in the system people die into.

Repealing ObamaCare a couple years from now requires that all such failures have to be catastrophic. Meaning we are hoping, if this is our strategy, that many men, women, and children will be highly visible casualties.

This is the source of the schism between the American people and the Washington establishment. People are looking at very real personal impacts, both economic and health-related. The DC power brokers are looking at it like a game of chess.

Why the very few who have publicly committed themselves to fighting tooth and claw over every inch of turf are heroes to huge numbers of people. It’s not chess to them. They have a mother, a child, a spouse who is terrified of what ObamaCare means. They’re not interested in racking up statistics of government malfeasance.

A word to the wise, meaning Hume, Krauthammer, Will, Charen, Sowell, Rove, O’Reilly, Henninger, etc, etc. The people are rallying to Cruz because he doesn’t think chess but war. War for people’s lives.

Wise is sometimes simpler than you all think. It’s recognizing that there are fights which transcend politics. And what you forget is that we don’t care about how smart or right you are. We care about stopping the most truly terrible things from happening. Step by step and day by day.

Another way of saying that to us you look like pompous, negligent fools. Which you probably are. And, final word to the wise, there are huge numbers of us who are absolutely furious. Whether that computes with you or not.

If you ignore that, God help you.

7 thoughts on “Cold Calculus

  1. This is analogous to back when the left was openly hoping that tons of US servicemen died in Iraq & Afghanistan under Bush just so they could have a better chance to win the next election. Even worse, it’s more like what the truthers say Bush and government did: rubbed their hands together and said, “I could stop a lot of people from dying, but I won’t because I will gain something from allowing it to happen.”

    Except this is REAL, as you’re pointing out. Here they are, real politicians really saying it’ll be great when Obamacare collapses and real people go bankrupt, die, or both. Because when the left stares its own complete & utter failures in the face, they own up and admit their error, right? And all of them, Democrats & establishment Republicans alike, are personally insulated from Obamacare’s effects b/c they exempted themselves from it.

    Yeah. Fuck these guys.

  2. Damn it, you’re so right. I’m convicted by this post, because I fell into the same thinking. “Let it fail spectacularly, so our side will end up on top.” It’s sick, though. People are going to die. That’s nothing to gloat over. That needs to be the sobering reminder when the opponents of Obamacare run for office in 2016.

    It’s almost worse in a way. Some deluded libs truly believe that OCare will work (I imagine). But for those of us on the side who know it will fail, we shouldn’t, we *cant’* be happy about it.

    The cold calculus word problem: how many of the people we know personally will be seriously affected, even die, because of the policies we’re waiting to fail?

    You texted that it pisses you off, and now I’m right there with you.

    • They are also going to intentionally screw all of the Red States with governors who have been standing up to the program. I also wonder if, with all of our personal communication & financial records laid bare before the gov’t, some of us might run in to mysterious troubles with our healthcare that more Democrat-supporting folk never seem to have.

      Not to ever suggest that this administration would knowingly target people based solely on their ideological beliefs……….

  3. This law sucks. Horribly. I moved from from full time to part time and make more per hour now because of this stupid law. HATE is too kind a word.

    Defiled. That is what The People will be if this is not stopped. But it will not be stopped. I can call this game already. Too many people in Washington (on both sides of the aisle) benefit financially.

    Only thing left to do is throw in the towel. Which I did (in part) by going to part time. But I was checkmated by the fact that I make too little money to qualify for subsidies. Yeah, that is correct. I make too little money now. There is no way out unless I become a Muslim.

    Cat Stevens, anybody? Never thought his conversion would be a light in the darkness. No way out. None. Zero.

  4. I am almost in tears over it. I cannot find any power to feel positive. Depression of the most acute and severe kind. And I am a ‘bring it on’ kind of guy.

    There is no way out of this Robert. None. Do you see a light? This is truly our Battle of the Bulge moment but we have no commander to stand up and say, “Nuts.” Instead we have a lot of words and words are wind.

    I mean, I might as well quit now and just start wandering about the country eating out of trashcans. Why not? America is dead, the American dream is dead, there is nothing left now but a tiny class of people who are laughing and laughing and laughing. At us.

    Damn it man. I am so depressed about this. This is the moment and there is nobody on our side. Nobody.

    • Sorry to hear that, Helk. A lot of us may be right there with you sooner rather than later. Business has been sucking for a while. Some of our competitors have cut full time, salaried employees to part-time, commissioned positions to try and stay afloat. And I don’t think my company is on the list of favored Obamacare exemptions (see above comment about certain people & organizations being treated differently) so it’s only a matter of time before they drop our private insurance option & go with the gov’t system.

      I’m afraid a lot of us have a tough row to hoe.

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