Raebert’s Heffalump

Raebert's elephant is smarter than the G..O.P.'s.

Raebert’s elephant is smarter than the G..O.P.’s. Way smarter.

He’s not feeling well today. Why he got on my lap clutching his favorite toy.

But it got me thinking. While he was snoozing, the local station that carries Limbaugh and then Hannity came on. Only Hannity wasn’t there. The fill-in was the morning person from WILM in Wilmington. She surprised me.

She asked, right out of the box, “Are the Republicans ready to apologize to Ted Cruz yet?”

According to Raebert, Not every dog has the heart to kick ass. Cruz does.

According to Raebert, not every dog has the heart to kick ass. Cruz does.

Holy smokes. How does a local radio host know more than Krauthammer, Will, Goldberg, and the editors of the Weekly Standard and National Review?

Then I remembered. The same way I do. Open eyes and a perspective from outside DC and New York City.

Fact is, it’s the Democrats who are facing a Catch 22. They villainized Cruz for wanting to defund what immediately became a nightmare. How do you run against the shutdown when the shutdown was a boy with a finger in the dike sounding an alarm in a real emergency?

The road to good intentions is paved by Hell.

The road to good intentions is paved by Hell.

For the Republicans it’s just embarrassing. They’ll wind up quoting Cruz’s filibuster and pretending they supported it.

That’s how bad ObamaCare is.

Bad news? Raebert still feels poorly. He threw up this morning and spent most of the day passed out and grumbling on my lap.

I don't feel good, daddy.

I don’t feel good, daddy.

Maybe that will move some of you to comment. Or not.

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