Rush is screaming.

I understand.

I understand.

Unfortunately with respect to my conversations with Barbara, what set him off was a Krauthammer interview in which Charles claimed he didn’t know who Obama was until his first state of the union speech. Rush finds this incomprehensible, unspeakable, unforgivable.

Well, I could be just as angry. Here’s what I wrote all the way back in February 2008, long before he got the nomination:

Down to earth. If the Clintons can’t make a dent in the campaign of a coolly ambitious, non-African-American, Ivy League Chicago machine politician, what will any of of us be able to do if he turns out to be inept, short-sighted, vengeful, corrupt, or actively seditious? If some clumsy American politician accidentally says something to offend his 300K-a-year Princetonian executive wife, for example, will we all have to apologize — or pay in some other coin? If he violates his vow to uphold the Constitution, will we have the recourse we would have with mere politicians? Or will every voice — in politics and the press — fall silent, because raising an objection of any kind is tantamount to a hate crime?

What stories will not be pursued by the already horrifyingly cowardly PC media? What legitimate policy objections will not be posed by senators and congressmen who are already living in daily fear that their most inadvertent verbal slip will bring down 400 years worth of resentment on their heads?

Think about it. If the “First Black President” has already been made to look a bigot for daring to promote his wife’s candidacy over Obama’s, what chance do the rest of us have in the next four or eight years if we start to see in Obama a Carter, a Ferrakhan, or Quisling? No matter what he does, he could never be impeached. It’s debatable whether he could ever be criticized. Let alone mauled and mocked and belittled day after day like a Bush or a, uh, Bush.

The first black President must be a politican, not a messiah. We’ve already seen what happens when teflon meets a halo. The halo wins. Without even being responsive. The truth is — and this is not racist, but statistically valid — that the first black president really can’t coast unexamined into office; he has an absolute moral obligation to demonstrate with full candor and understanding that he isn’t Marion Barry, Alcee Hastings, William Jefferson, Ray Nagin, or all the mayors of Newark, Detroit, and Philadelphia who have ridden the horse of jury nullification into sinecures of power only to abuse that power in systematic ways while branding all who objected to their corruption as bigots.

What we cannot afford at this time in our history is a sainted Jimmy Carter, a well educated Huey Long, or a closet Castro..

Inquire of yourselves — again and again — how did a neophyte take down the Clintons?

So. I was right, well in time for the calamity to be prevented. I spelled it out in pitiless detail. In print. (Maybe you should buy a copy and send it to an Obama voter. Just a thought.) Am I screaming now like Limbaugh?

Yes. Silently. Or at least nobody can hear me. Remember the promos for the release of the movie Alien? “In space, no one can hear you scream.” Where I am.

Where Rush is too.

Sorry, Rush. Not suggesting you look like the Predator. Just that you’re equivalently armed. Screaming isn’t quitting. Sometimes it’s attacking.

5 thoughts on “Rush is screaming.

  1. I didn’t hear Rush but I did watch Krauthammer’s recent statements about the 2008 election. What Krauthammer actually said, to the best of my recall, is that he had significant concerns about Obama’s candidacy based mainly on his 22-year membership in the church of a raging nutball (my words, not CKs) like Rev. Wright, as Obama proudly claimed Wright as his mentor and had enough personal regard for the man to choose him to perform his marriage and christen his daughters. Krauthammer also said that he had worried about our absence of knowledge of Obama the man and Obama’s political ideology after finding the press so disinterested in investigating either. CK then went on to say that his earlier concerns evolved into astonishment and fear as he listened to Obama’s 2009 State of the Union where he made clear his radical plans for the nation.

    I agree that does not excuse Krauthammer from his naivete, but it does soften a bit the claim Rush made about what CK said.

    • Okay.

      But did you read what I wrote in February 2008?

      Maybe you can understand why trepidations and concerns don’t cut it with some of us.

  2. Here is the type of idiocy we’re up against. I felt like screaming as I read this:

    I was going to crack a joke about how the author’s editor must have given him 30 minutes to do a hit piece on Steyn, but it turns out the author *is* the editor of the opinion page. Le sigh. And most horrifying of all: a senior economic advisor to two companies.

    So Tamny’s argument against Steyn is much like the argument for why we should listen to him. Why is Steyn wrong? Why, because people are still buying US debt and they *must* be well-informed and therefore smarter than Mark Steyn. And why should we listen to Tamny? Why, because he’s a senior economic advisor, and whoever hired him must be well-informed which makes him smarter than me and Mark Steyn.

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