The Debate Continues

Speaking of Valerie Jarrett...

Speaking of Valerie Jarrett…

I keep seeing cartoons, and Raebert sees, well, mostly dogs.


So who’s right? This time I think I am. It just seems to fit somehow.

HOWEVER… It’s possible that we’re both right. As it turns out, in the very first Betty Boop cartoon, she was actually a dog.

(About 2 1/2 minutes in.)

Not that Betty, or Valerie, was, you know, a dog. Both cute as a button. So, I guess I’m right after all. As usual.

ALTHOUGH (Pipe down, Raebert, I’m getting to it!)… Valerie did go to the University of Michigan Law School, which would make her technically less humanoid than wolverine.


Hmmm. What do you think? (No, I’m not asking who has bigger pecs.)

Quit laughing, Raebert.


I mean it.

Buckeyes! What do I know from Dartmouth? Thinking we'll win anyway. Boss says so. He cuts the grass. It'll be good.

Whatever you say, Boss.

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