Lady Barbara Update

Gulp. News to me. Lady Laird sent me this FB pic of Lady Barbara. I'd been imaging someone more along the lines of Ethel Barrymore. Now I feel really old.

Gulp. News to me. Lady Laird sent me this FB pic of Lady Barbara. I’d been imagining someone more along the lines of Ethel Barrymore. Now I feel really really really oooooold.

Why we still believe in Thanksgiving. I dissed Megyn Kelly on the occasion of her new show, favorite commenter Barbara disagreed, and then — based on the evidence of the show itself — I recanted. Which led to this world class funniness from the lady who lives in Hawaii.

Thank you, RL. I’m so happy that If I knew where your tents were I’d run down right now with a couple of succulent turkey drumsticks and some sausage and sage stuffing. For Raebert, of course; he’s my main concern, out there in the cold, poor baby.

You are a gentleman for admitting your error. It will make a difference in my life too, because from here forward I will be able to watch Megyn without distraction from obsessive thoughts like “Did RL hear that question? I hope so.” “Isn’t he noting how carefully she listens, her quick follow up to that evasion,” etc., etc. Now I will be able to focus on the program’s content instead of my fears that you’re watching, unimpressed — possibly even hostile. I pray you can intuit my deep sighs of relief from across the Pacific.

She’s gorgeous too. And sexy. I know that because every minute her face fills the screen my husband grins, dimples and twinkles his eyes naughtily. Inside his head he’s Cary Grant in a romantic comedy where Megyn’s trying to educate him on the perils of, say, reductions in GNP, while he’s getting ready to interrupt with “You’re so darned cute when you’re mad.” We’re both huge fans, though possibly for different reasons.

Yes, she’ll take over prime time soon. The times I feel ashamed for conservatives is when I read the ratings O’Reilly and Hannity get. I find both to be unwatchable dullards, the sort of individuals who would inspire thoughts of suicide, along about St. Louis, if you happened to be either’s seatmate on a cross-country Greyhound bus trip. Megyn’s gonna be their downfall (I hope).

It doesn’t get much better than that. Only downside: Lady Laird has been asking, “How did Barbara get to Hawaii? What does she know that we (meaning you, of course) don’t?”

Probably many things, I tell her.

Back to basics, though. I’m more inclined to defend Hannity than O’Reilly. Hannity is the trooper on the line, the man at the gate, the first line of defense. Always on duty, never AWOL, eternally vigilant, a soldier’s soldier. They’ll have to take out him before they get to us. Brains don’t count for much in that equation. He’s the Etienne Gerard of the conservative movement. O’Reilly’s just an ass. Loved Limbaugh’s passing reference last week to “Ted O’Baxter.” That about sums it up.

But my subject was Thanksgiving. I’ll probably never have the opportunity to meet Lady Barbara. But the age of the Internet has created electronic friendships. I’m shaking hands with her as we speak.

Thank God for such boons.

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