“There isn’t any God”

Sometimes you have to move the goalposts.

Sometimes you have to move the goalposts.

I thought it was lost, but it is found. Thanks to Lake.

Back up for a second. In what may be the greatest tribute I’ve ever received, Robert J. Davey used project management software to map every link in The Boomer Bible’s Intercolumn Reference (ICR) from a single verse in the Book of Willie, Chapter 25. It was the fifth verse.


I got fooled, I suppose, because I do so much these days on iPad, which cannot display a file of that size. It’s enormous.

I’m asking a favor of all of you. Open this file and save it on your own laptops and desktop computers. You don’t have to read it or study it or anything boring like that. But I don’t want it ever to disappear.

It was a prefiguring of the Internet, hyperlinks when modems were rated in terms like “300 baud.” It was a new kind of writing. Reviewers thought the ICR was a pretentious bit of self-indulgence.

But I wrote The Boomer Bible’s text as a database for the ICR, which I completed in about two months of constant work. When I was not working on it, meaning when I was sleeping, I was working on it nonetheless. For a brief period I had the whole book in my head, and I was trying to light it up.

Now you can see how it works, thanks again to Lake and company. This site has a live ICR, unthinkable in the days when I wrote it. Go take a look.

What is the shape of consciousness?

What is the shape of consciousness? Or should I say the ‘Face’ of consciousness? (Yeah, it’s iPad’s snapshot of the file discussed above.) Are we living yet? Maybe.

3 thoughts on ““There isn’t any God”

  1. Here is the original GIF: http://i.imgur.com/aczPFRg.gif

    And here’s a PDF: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hpkk1ztiebw3667/NoGodLargeGraphic.pdf

    It is *huge*. And for every one of the ICR links, all 13,444 of them, there is a similar map, some smaller, but many much larger. Some lead to infinite loops and inside jokes, but some lead to a long treasure hunt through the entire work.

    I am, as ever, amazed that it even exists. That you created this staggers my mind.

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