Great Blue You Know Who

Great Blue You Know Who

A long long way away. Wish you could have seen it. Life in the country. Eyes are still better than cell phones. I saw the gorgeous thing. I didn’t get its picture. LESSON.

2 thoughts on “Heron

  1. I have dedicated a large part of my life to capturing images of the faint and elusive (in my case, in space), but you are right: there are times when it’s best to just watch and remember. I like to hear God and the universe saying, “This moment was just for you,” and I’m glad I didn’t adulterate it with a cell phone, camera, or other recording device.

  2. When developers bought up the neighboring land to my parents’ house a few years back, they called it Blue Heron Estates. My dad put up his own sign in the yard: “Buzzards’ Roost.” I’ve seen a lot of buzzards there but can’t recall seeing a heron. Both species are worth seeing, though.

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