Executive Decision: Shuteye Nation

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear...

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear…

Before there was Deerhound Diary, before there was Instapunk.com, before there was Glovesoff.blogspot.com, there was Shuteye Nation. And before that was BoomerBible.com, which is still in the reclamation phase, and before all of it Writing America Down, just half a dozen years after The Boomer Bible. Various fates await all those works, But today, I’m giving up a free key to Shuteye Nation, which was the follow-on to my biggest work, Shuteye Town 1999, which hopefully will be available again one day soon.

Yes, I’ve been playing with hyperlinked and multimedia writing longer than anyone else I know of. Whatever blogger you think was the first, I was here before him. Before there was a thing called blogs. Before there was really an Internet. For a long time I didn’t know what to do with Shuteye Nation because so much of it was writing. Print? Paper? Tempting. I like seeing books on my nightstand. That’s the plan for much of Instapunk. But Shuteye Nation has to be online, with all its flaws and holes and other foibles. It’s a slice of time many of us have already forgotten.

So welcome to Shuteye Nation. It’s not just a handful of text files. It’s an interconnected universe of misinformation, silly opinion, fake history and geography, and extremely precise definitions of the language of our age. Well, you’ll see. Don’t hesitate to take links — and look for links everywhere. That’s a process that approximates thinking. If you’ve never tried it, do so now.

With any luck, the guardian angels of this site will put a permanent link to Shuteye Nation in the main header, right next to the one for XOFF News, which will be there shortly.


My elephant is healed. Except for the ears I chewed off. All is well.

My elephant is healed. Except for the ears I chewed off. All is well.

12 thoughts on “Executive Decision: Shuteye Nation

  1. Another question: Were you the first person to point out the equine physiognomy of Sarah Jessica Parker? That seems to be the general consensus these days.

  2. I haven’t had a moment to look at this yet. I promise to chime in when I do. It has been a truly shitty work day…and it ain’t over yet.

  3. “Main. A great big nothing state in the upper right hand corner. No cities. No teams. They do have snow. All year round.

    Minnesoda. A great big nothing state up toward the top of the map where it’s always cold. They have a twin city called Monopolies but there isn’t anything in it, so the state has all the teams (the NFL Vikers, the MLB Twinks.)

    Missippi. Another third wurld state, maybe the worst one. No cities. No teams. No anything.

    Missura. Another nothing state somewhere in the middle. There’s one city, called St. Lewis (the NFL Rumps, the MLB Carnals).

    Montoming. Some nothing state somewhere.”

    Love it. This is just what I needed today. Thank you.

  4. This is a tasty treat. Just the look and feel of the thing is a window to a different time, though hardly long ago in any real (offline) sense, back when we were very clever with graphics and code to shave off every few dozen bytes and minimize download time. Back when content was king simply because there was hardly anything else but content. Makes me nostalgic even in the parts I hadn’t seen yet.

  5. * Schwartzenkennedy. The ‘Schwartzen’ used to be silent, or at least spoken only in a whisper. It’s gotten louder over the years, until now it’s practically deafening.

    Too bad Californica couldn’t hear it…

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