Strange Days Have Found Us*

You know that scene in the disaster movies where the big structure is slowly but then more and more quickly coming apart? And the stars are still dueling over ancient marital grudges and who’s responsible for their rotten slacker kids?

How today feels. LA wildfires, another school shooting, this time by a 12 year old, the MSM still obsessively piling on ‘ChristieGate’ while the entire Obama administration is imploding in a morass of corruption, incompetence, and dictatorial aggression. Not that any of that is a real story. Not the president’s naked threat to rule by edict in defiance of the congress and the constitution. Not the DOJ’s new initiative to punish schools for punishing minorities more than, er, non-minorities for truancy, violence, disruptive classroom behavior, and deliberate academic failure. Not the frank derision of Brit, Israeli, and Iranian diplomats about the gullible cluelessness of our president. Not the senate report on Benghazi which commits the heresy of faulting the state department, DOD, the CIA, and by subtle inference the president for American deaths that could and should have been prevented. Not the FBI mildly announcing there’s no illegality involved in IRS targeting of conservative groups, even though not one of the victims has ever been interviewed by the so-called investigation. Not the concurrence today of three congressional hearings on the accelerating severity of security breaches in Not the $600 million the Feds have spent advertising ObamaCare while they failed to organize or build it in the first place. Because, hey, how about that Christie and his traffic jam, and also maybe $2 million in Sandy funds that were spent advertising the Jersey shore prior to the summer season.

So, we take our consolations and our yucks where we can. The Daily Show thought this was the perfect time to lampoon The Five on Fox News Channel. News judgment aside, the piece is genuinely funny.

As is Ann Coulter’s contribution from the right hand side of the aisle. MSNBC’s Ed Schultz boasted that Republicans were afraid to debate him. Coulter tweeted him, “Invite me on your show, you lying pussy.” She’s been after Maddow and the MSNBC toads generally to bring her on air for a couple of years. Guess who the scaredy cats are.

It feels like something truly dire is about to happen. I get these feelings from time to time. I was going to title this post ‘Dread.’ But I didn’t.

Best I can do.

*For those too young to remember, this:

2 thoughts on “Strange Days Have Found Us*

  1. Pretty funny. Read the comments at Hotair on this Daily Show spoof. By and large, people didn’t think it was funny. They got into all kinds of ill-tempered arguments, including the question of whether Kimberly Guilfoyle was hot or not.

    So I gather we are similarly humor-challenged. I can tell you I laughed, and the Missus laughed, because we have long thought The Five had degenerated into a kind of club. Which to us means the satire was actually on target. We were jazzed in particular by the fact that Guilfoyle got so little attention, which is the very worst thing you can do to her. The rest was a lot of fun. Beckel’s a crude jerk, which doesn’t make him not a liberal. But ignoring his lib talking points in favor of his frequent rude explosions of low personality seems fitting. Eric Bolling IS a pompous know-it-all who often falls off the cliff of persuasiveness. Dana Perino IS a self-parody of the pretty girl who lucked in way over her head. She demonstrates that fact every night. And Greg Gutfeld IS an ass, an incredibly clever and witty one, but an ass nonetheless. If we can’t laugh at truth, what can we laugh at?

  2. Awhile ago (maybe at Daily Caller) I stumbled onto a list of the ten most punchable faces in America. My own #1 is Niall Ferguson, but man, Greg Gutfeld’s face is just begging to be blasted.

    I read Coulter’s “Mugged” pretty recently. She’s got big balls. She also does thorough research. She parsed the speech of Maddow and Olberman and Matthews, and discovered something pretty obvious, but still well-worth pointing out. When Maddow & co. speak to say Richard Wolf or Joe Scarborough, here is how they talk: “Hey Joe (or Richard) welcome to the show.” When they talk to Melissa Harris Perry, or Toure Neblett, here’s how they talk: “I’m here with one of the smartest, most intelligent, well-reasoned people out there today. It is my distinguished pleasure to share this time with…”

    This is not the way someone who is comfortable around black people talks. I also like how she mentioned that Chris Matthews, king of “bean counting racism,” has a son whose wedding was whiter than a Klan rally:

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