Seven Sisters

The Pleiades. AKA The Seven Sisters of Heaven.

The Pleiades. AKA The Seven Sisters of Heaven.

Courtesy of Lake’s telescopic camera.

Well, that’s the classical, academic version anyway. Now here’s the one-woman show as performed by a single greyhound. You tell me which is more cosmic.

Thought so. One greyhound equals more than seven goddesses. Why we are so privileged to be here on earth.

2 thoughts on “Seven Sisters

  1. Surprised me to see this here! Not sure I’d call it the classic ‘academic’ version, though; this type of image is simply classified as a ‘pretty picture’ in the astro world. But pretty pictures lead to wonder, curiosity, and ultimately a deeper understanding.

    I want to reassure you that this work didn’t distract from your project — this was incidental to my work in class.

    There’s almost nothing I like better than a dog playing in the snow, including astronomical images…

  2. HAHAHAAHAHAHAH!!! Sheer unbridled canine joy! No wonder you keep such creatures around. How infectious.

    The Batman “jammies” just “make” the whole scene.

    Thanks for sharing. That clip is good for an all-day smile.

    (And the Pleiades shot is gorgeous too, Lake. But it didn’t make me spray tea on my monitor…)

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