Quad Leap

Someday you’ll tell people you read Deerhound Diary when R.F. Laird was still alive. You were part of the largely silent army that sustained him while he was fading away. You’ll tell everyone that you always knew there was a secret punk writing movement in Philadelphia, even when everyone else thought that was a joke. You’ll tell them you saw the photographic evidence.

Rumours of the Metalkort

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Click the pic and see memories of the magic time.

Then you’ll tell them Laird invented the Internet years before Al Gore did. And you’ll be able to prove it. He had a whole huge book in his head in one moment and he connected it all.

There Isn’t Any God
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He also understood why he was connecting it all. A few outliers saw what he did but mostly no one else did. They were happy to think they were as smart as he was. They were, of course. Everybody’s always smarter than Leonardo.

Quantum Punks

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Hey. People who don’t take him for granted.

To wit:

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Well, you know. We always knew about quantum physics. What’s the deal with the new Spock?


Except. He wasn’t just lucky. Or slightly smarter than someone else. He predicted 9/11 almost exactly 10 years before it happened. Laird conceived of Henry Elders, who somehow understood what might happen.

Predicting 9/11

Predicting 9/11

Yeah. Falling towers and everything.

Because Raebert expects nothing less than the best.

My boss rules.

My boss rules.

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