5 thoughts on “A Moment in Shuteye Town

  1. I haven’t been able to explore this as much as I’d like to yet, but some of the links appear to be broken. For example, clicking on “Toot” from the mall directory goes to the front of the car leasing place and clicking on the entrance there gets you placed under arrest. Clicking on the food court goes inside the car leasing place. That’s not intentional, is it?

    Regardless, I’m looking forward to delving into this more. Already the mall has flooded me with memories of high school, which unbeknownst to me was the twighlight period of indoor mall shopping. Those are an endangered species these days (probably a good thing). I checked off a mental list while looking at the Shuteye Town mall directory: “Yep, that type of store…mm-hmm, that type of store…oh yeah, I remember that type of store…” Can’t wait to see the Shuteye version of all of them.

    • I said some of the links are broken. But there are so many links you can generally find a way to get where you want to go. You can, for example, move from store to store when you get to one storefront.

      Redundancy is a tried and true principle of systems. I overcame objections of people who didn’t want me to post this before it was perfect. Please don’t make me regret my decision. Read my newest post and THEN resume the nitpicking.

      • btw, getting arrested is a big part of Shuteye Town. That’s not a bug. It’s a feature. Go with it. Choose carefully between green dots and red dots. That much is deliberate. If you want into Moon Books, for example, click the crime scene tape.

  2. A general note to everyone. “Looking into” Shuteye Town is not a matter of a few hours in the afternoon and evening. It’s a matter of days. You have no idea how big this thing is. It’s completely huge, ginormous, staggeringly BIG.

    If you think you’re browsing and getting a taste, so to speak, you’re missing everything.

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