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No, I’m not done. Wanted you to have the opportunity to read more of what I’ve already written, so the new stuff will seem new when you read it. Not much sense that’s happening.

We’re coming up on the State of the Union pile of alternate universe lefty propaganda. Where none of our real concerns and issues are mentioned. So here are the three best homework assignments you can perform before the president misdirects us with shiny trifles and more dreadful misrepresentations and lies.

The Glossary.

House of Lords. (Extra credit for Part Deux.)

TBB, Book of Psayings, Chapter 5Y.

I also have a long list of recent Op-Ed columns that restate what I’ve been writing for years. Won’t share those yet.

People don’t understand how the language of our politics has been distorted and destroyed.

And they don’t understand anything about the 21st century political ruling class.

They also don’t know anything about history, the timeline of our journey from the past till today.

An experiment: seek out youngsters, even your own, and ask them to identify the events in Psayings.5Y. Hell. Ask yourself to identify them.

This is how and why we die. We don’t understand language and its misuses, we don’t understand the incestuous new caste that will say anything to stay in charge, and we don’t know where we come from. Why we have no idea where we’re we going.

I’ll be back soon.

P.S. Have to admit I’m thinking of taking Shuteye Town down for repairs. Approximately half the links are broken. You don’t always get arrested going to the stores and there’s another level, sometimes five or more when you try to go upstairs at individual stations on the subway line. Not working. My apologies. In the meantime, amuse yourselves at Moon Books and Toot Video. You get into Moon Books by clicking on crime scene tape.

3 thoughts on “More to Offer

  1. “Have to admit I’m thinking of taking Shuteye Town down.”

    I will get to the other stuff, but wanted to say that while I think fixing the links is a good idea, I humbly request that you put it back up when fixed. I would very much like to explore Shuteye Town the correct way. I realize I’m asking a lot but want to let you know there is interest in it out here. I could help you by identifying the broken links, if you like.

    Far more interest than tuning in to Obama’s latest stream of bullshit.

    Wanted to leave you with a passage from a book I received as a Christmas gift this year. Seems relevant:

    “Arnold Toynbee, our cicerone through our hellish tour of White Trash Normal, theorized, as has been noted already, that societies in decay reach into the underclass (a term not yet in vogue in Toynbee’s day) for their manners and morals because the once-dominant “creative minority” has lost its luster. Our once-dominant “creative minority” hasn’t just lost its luster. Its members have been turned into hate objects. We are taught that the people who built this country or those who have subsequently become rich or at least affluent in more recent times have somehow stolen from the rest of us. The very term ‘give back,’ which is what rich people are now expected to call it when they donate to charity, implies that they have stolen something. (‘Property is theft ‘ is a thoroughly White Trash sentiment.) It is thus no wonder that we reject formalities and niceties viewed as an inheritance from a disgraceful past during which a genocidal elite blazed its way from sea to shining sea by killing or enslaving everybody in its path. Caveat: making lots of money in the entertainment industry or from some other socially acceptable line of work is fine.

    Manners aren’t only skin-deep, they come from somewhere, and much of our crudeness comes from a rejection of our noble past. Yes, it was a noble past, and only if we regain an appreciation for it will be cease to be crude and rude and— yes— ill-educated. Project Appreciation should be doable since much of what we are told about our past is rooted in fantasy and ideology. You have no doubt heard that the original Europeans who came to these shores were ‘illegal aliens’ who committed genocide against the nice Indians who forgot to check their papers. There are many ways of looking at history, and the founding is not my subject, but this is a way of looking at the past through the lens of a small modern clique of ideologues. If you read a bit of colonial history without blinders on, however, you will learn that the colonists originally saw the Indians as potential converts to Christianity (which, of course, our academic elites are likely to see as worse than genocide!).”

    – When Did White Trash Become the New Normal?: A Southern Lady Asks the Impertinent Question

  2. I agree with Tim: This is even better than I remember, and something to point people to. Once everything’s all hooked up.

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