Last minute crib notes for O’s sixth State of the Union speech (uh, still Bush’s fault)

She's an MSNBC anchor and her husband's Obama's personal chef.

She’s an MSNBC anchor and her hubby’s Obama’s personal chef. Conflict of interest? Noooooo. It’s all in the family of the First Estate.

Yesterday I highlighted three areas relevant to analysis of Obama’s newest state of the union address.

I gave you three links from my own past writings to guide you.

Today I’ll give you three links to current essays that address exactly the same topics in contemporary terms.

The Perversion of Political Language

Erupting at Huckabee. And for dessert a confection from young Andrew Stiles.

The Incestuous New Political Class

Love in the Time of Obama.

The Destruction of Education

Liberal vs Liberalist Education.

Get busy. You don’t have much time before you have to pick which Netflix show you’ll be watching instead of what Limbaugh is correctly calling “the State of the Coup” speech.

Also, say a prayer for Jonah Goldberg’s daughter’s sick puppy. Not good. Parvo. (Read the whole ‘Wendy’ piece anyway. I think there’s an embedded unintended lesson.)

Can’t offer much help on what to watch on Netflix. Unless you’re prepared to watch the Swedish version of Wallander, which is vastly superior to the BBC Kenneth Branagh version but depressing in its own right. Only with less whimpering and whining.

Maybe that’s the best we can do right now. Get well, ZoĆ«.

4 thoughts on “Last minute crib notes for O’s sixth State of the Union speech (uh, still Bush’s fault)

  1. Netflix, eh? I was thinking more of a bottle of wine and a cute, warm, cuddly woman. I happen to have both, conveniently enough.

  2. I do too, but we don’t get to turn in until the sighthounds have quit whimpering and whining about climate ch–‘ er, the weather. We use the TV to drown them out.

  3. I like Ron’s idea, though I was originally just going to observe, “Thank goodness I have rehearsal and won’t even be tempted.” Someone has suggested that a good drinking game could make Yet Another Screed more bearable… or its thereby blurrier second half, anyway. But I’m not sure even I, with my notable ingestion abilities, could survive such a game with such a speaker.

    • Oh, hey, a drinking game… that could be fun. Lessee… take a drink on:
      — “Let me be clear”
      — Nose in the air. Strike that. No fun going under the table during the first ten minutes…
      — Unilateral party clapping. Um… Darn…
      — Biden falls asleep. Oh… not again. Geez, this is hard… It’s no fun if the game ends so early…

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