The New Jim Crow

Ridicule and institutionalized discrimination

Ridicule, contempt, fear, and institutionalized/legal discrimination. That poor poor woman.

Conservatives are the targets of a new Jim Crow system of deliberate subjugation? Really?

It’s not as far-fetched an hypothesis as it might seem. Consider how obsessed the left is generally with race as the be all and end all of political integrity and moral virtue.

The first response of the progressive establishment to opposition is that it’s white racism, excepting of course those white elites who trace their political awakenings back to the civil rights movement.

Why it’s always racist to criticize policies of the Obama administration. It’s an idee fixe with the left. Also why it’s not surprising that they have adapted their keen sense of the original Jim Crow era into their strategy for eliminating the power of their critics in every domain.

It didn’t escape their attention that in the Deep South, a committed white racist minority managed to render a sometime black majority powerless by a system of interrelated measures which succeeded for a very long time.

As the caption above delineates, the principal means of maintaining power were ridicule, contempt, fear, and institutionalized/legal discrimination.

The one change they had to make was to transform hated political, religious, and lifestyle convictions into the equivalent of Jim Crow stereotypes.

The stone idiot, the religionist, and the self-reliant capitalist or gun owner.

The stone idiot, the unapologetic Christian, and the self-reliant capitalist or gun owner.

But they have been using all measures against all stereotypes, hoping and intending to reduce them to a single category of threat, one which must be suppressed at all costs.

Their offensive has achieved near invulnerability because despite the minority status of hard progressives, they have nevertheless succeeded in capturing the entire educational system from bottom to top, the entire mass media establishment, the federal and many state courts, the entertainment/celebrity culture, and the Democrat Party and most of the Republicans in congress. As a result, we have a whole new set of Jim Crow stereotypes and restraints firmly in place.

Conservatives are not only racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic but also terminally stupid and worth responding to only with name calling and derisive laughter. Why they have to be systematically excluded from the faculties of the nation’s greatest universities even if we pretend to value “diversity” in every other respect. We have ways of recognizing and silencing them (e.g., their books will never be reviewed in The New York Times). Which we can also use to keep them out of elite universities in the first place. See how much damage they can do from North Dakota State Agricultural Seminary and Journalism School. See how cheap their football jerseys look? See how cheap their girlfriends look? Enough said.

Christians are anti-woman, anti-science, and inherently more dangerous than Islamic fanatics who keep trying to kill us without cease. Can you imagine? They actually believe that women should get their abortions in back alleys with coat hangers. Subhuman. They must be confined, out of the public sphere, to the physical boundaries of their churches, because their crazed barbaric superstitions might infect the rational superior ones, and that’s why a crèche scene or a display of the Ten Commandments is something that has to be segregated by force of law. Not to mention their backward, yes, primitive view that marriage is something that exists between a man and a woman. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Get off my sidewalk, bigot.

And then there are the so-called manly ones who think life is all about testosterone, competing, winning, and standing your ground. They all have guns, you know. Even the women they delude with their sexual predations. Obviously no woman can be safe in their company and they shouldn’t be allowed to live just anywhere, at least not without extensive required education about gender issues. No way to tell what will happen if they move in next door or the next dorm. Why the government and the law must intercede and accomplish the equivalent of chemical castration by ensuring that they are so chained by speech codes, regulations, government surveillance, and confiscatory tax policies that they don’t have the opportunity to rebel against The Matriarchy — er body politic some of us still call “liberal democracy.” Which it would be if we could just kill off the archaic imperialist document called the Constitution and replace it with something like the thousand page manifesto of the EEU. All in good time, Crow Comrades.

Well. We can’t outright kill them all. But we can use all the old tricks. Instead of a poll tax, we can make it possible via ACORN and its heirs to let everyone else vote as many times as necessary. We can use the IRS to intimidate any idiots who think about participating in the political process. We can laugh and laugh and laugh at them for not being Harvard graduates. We can use our elite cultural credentials to persuade even professed intellectual conservatives to assault anyone who gets anywhere near the contemptible morons of the Tea Party. We can pass or presidentially declare laws that open the borders to all the refuse of the Third World, so that the less than human ones are made irrelevant forever. We can go after their lame attempts at voicing their concerns in the media by siccing the FCC on them. We can pretend that there is no national crisis that is victimizing the people who do the real work while the parasites are endlessly rewarded for their arrogance, cynicism, and greed.

We can even turn history on its head. Pretend that it was Democrats not Republicans who passed the Civil Rights bill of 1964. Pretend that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was not a racist promoter of eugenics who wanted to use abortion and involuntary sterilization to halt the reproduction of poor blacks. Pretend that the leading exponent of the first burst of progressivism, Woodrow Wilson, was not a racist, anti-Semitic authoritarian who thought he was smart enough to remake the world — and failed unto an early death. (Some commenter at ThinkProgress called this “noblesse oblige.” uh, right.) We can do whatever we want. Our JC is stronger than theirs. Evidently.

Because there’s a decent chance we could get all the way to evil. Separate drinking fountains. Tea Partiers and Christians to the back of the bus. Talk radio hosts jailed or strung up for subversive views. Military veterans sent to, you know, work camps, where the rest of us will be safe from them. Gun owners rounded up and, yes, certainly, shot.

And, maybe, just maybe, we could also shut down the churches and mount a cultural revolution against the way too many scientists who are climate change deniers. And the doctors who decide to retire rather than work for minimum wage under ObamaCare. If minimum wage is good enough for a McDonald’s button pusher, doctors should take the lesson. Or be sentenced to hard labor in the Mississippi delta.

We can characterize all conservative women as imbecilic whores and make all the dirtiest jokes we can think of, because she’s just the sex toy of the conservative plantation owner. We could, with impunity, root for the death of conservatives with cancer or, better yet, celebrate when they die, because one less of them is one more vote for us. Not to mention the fact that we could even crack down on all the conservative (or Republican) Uncle Toms who are the ultimate Quislings of the prize we’ve all been keeping our eyes on. Which is the thing that makes us permanently, transparently, morally superior, especially to the race traitors who reject the settled science of consensus politics.

Republican Michael Steele in progressive blackface. Cool, huh?

Republican Michael Steele in progressive blackface. Cool, huh?

About time. Don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “The New Jim Crow

  1. This is a big one. This is the proverbial frog in the slowly boiling pot telling the rest to wake up and see it coming before it comes. There’s no joke here. This is a clear prediction of a likely path if things keep going the way they’re going. Could something stop it? Something big? Yes. A new president, a massive act of God or nature, another major terrorist attack, perhaps. But if the left continues to get their way as they have for the last 6 years, we’ll be seeing more and more of the new Jim Crow laws.

    To fairly judge this prediction, I did a brief thought experiment. When I leave my current job in the relatively near future, I wondered what would happen if I directly stated that I was a conservative, a Republican, a Christian in my round of job interviews. At the moment, it honestly depends on the state, probably. I would probably be okay in Texas or the midwest, depending on the job. But up here in New England? Or on the west coast? Don’t think so. I picture a saccharine smile, a limp-wristed handshake, and the sound of a deadbolt getting drawn as I walked out the door.

    Today, I was stunned to hear a vocal and positive tribute to Malcolm X during our weekly chapel service. I met eyes with one fellow conservative, and the look between us simply said, “Yes, we’re in enemy territory. We’re not really welcome here.” All this while words like tolerance, diversity, and acceptance are getting thrown about. What an historical twist — the original believers in freedom and equality for all are the scorned ones. What a perverse state of our nation.

    As with many of your predictions, it’s only a dark and hollow ‘see, I told you’ type of comfort you can gain from these big posts as you look backward a few years from now. Is it wrong to hope for something bad enough to happen to jumpstart this country and derail this left-driven train to Hell?

    • Hell, yeah, man… come to Texas. We’re mostly crazy, but at least we still bleed red. And there’s good eatin’ here.

      If you do, let me know you’re a-comin’.

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