Song Envy II

The ones who have the guts to reveal their hearts.

The ones who have the guts to reveal their hearts.

Yeah. All your lists.

Guy. Struck by so much commonality. Especially with my wife. But I can see exactly how much younger than me you are. The song I had to look up was the Cure’s She Sells Sanctuary. Best of theirs I’ve ever heard. Congratulations.

ErisGuy. You’re in big trouble. Song Envy on a bunch. Ecstasy of Gold. Peter Gabriel. (I have a great story about him.) In the Air Tonight. Jingo. Al Stewart. ZZ Top. Dave Brubeck. Orbison. Like you’ve tapped into the vein of my second hundred. Gah. Not fair.

But. You owe us the story of your relation with Tangerine Dream. Which is outsized. I’m betting it’s monumental. And as for Qntal. I can go for Celtic Cuntal as easily as the next man.

Tim. Damn. I forgot all about Pearl Jam. Also forgot that fathers would love the silent lucidity of Fur Elise. Other than that your list is, uh, surprisingly various. Broadway to classical to hardcore. So you’re not the redneck you pretend? Big surprise. New to me? Looked up your Japanese entry. Is there a story? I just don’t know that world. Then there’s the Trey Parker Matt Stone montage. Closing in on a guess you don’t really have an ear for music, just meaning. Not a bad thing. Just no chance I will ever sell you on Gorecki.

All right. I’ll keep cycling through. Finding your hot spots. But it’s hard. Imagine working through these lists. Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, say something. I’m having a ball. Listening. The saying part, not so much.

Love you all for being here. Best news. Barbara is going to add her list too. Which will be very different from all of ours. But beautiful.

5 thoughts on “Song Envy II

  1. Finally. This week has been torturous in some ways and I’ve been thinking about this list all along, waiting for the weekend and the time to sit and do it. I’ve intentionally only skimmed the other lists so that I wouldn’t be subconsciously biased by repeats or commonalities. Here’s my list, raw and unfiltered.

    I mainly made this by sorting my iTunes library by Plays and seeing what I listened to the most. Of course, I was immediately struck that this didn’t include music I listened to on my phone, on YouTube, at school in the classroom, or on CDs in the car. Are there songs there that would replace some of these? Most certainly.

    I know that as soon as I hit the Post Comment below, I’ll be thinking all day about songs that should have been on this list and the songs on here that I like but not as much as those.

    You were absolutely right, RL, what a wonderful exercise. It revealed a lot about me to me and brought up many deep memories. I have no idea what reading it might tell you, but it’s all yours. Thanks for sticking with it for those of us late to the party.

    40 Miles from the Sun – Bush
    Africa – Toto
    Air I Breathe – Something Like Silas
    All Is Full Of Love – Bjork
    Angel – Massive Attack
    Astronomy – Metallica
    Black Sheep – Metric
    Blonde on Blonde – Nada Surf
    Break Me Gently – Doves
    Bullet the Blue Sky – U2
    Change the Sheets – Kathleen Edwards
    Chop Suey – System of a Down
    Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd
    Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover – Sophie B. Hawkins
    Darker – Doves
    Deo – Amon Tobin
    Desert Rose – Sting
    Dizzy – Jimmy Eat World
    Dream Is Collapsing – Hans Zimmer, Inception OST
    Easter Song – Glad
    Extreme Ways – Moby
    Fly – Ludovico Einaudi
    Frank Sinatra – CAKE
    From Finner – Of Monsters and Men
    Get Down – Nas
    Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones
    Given To Fly – Pearl Jam
    God Moving Over the Face of the Waters – Moby
    Goodnight Elizabeth – Counting Crows
    Grey Street – Dave Matthews Band
    Growing Old is Getting Old – Silversun Pickups
    Have a Cigar – Pink Floyd
    Have You Got It In You – Imogen Heap
    Heart of Gold – Neil Young
    Heart’s a Mess – Gotye
    Hey Man Nice Shot – Filter
    Hey You – Pink Floyd
    Hole in the Earth – Deftones
    Holy Lamb – Yes
    Hopeless Wanderer – Mumford and Sons
    How to Disappear Completely – Radiohead
    I Don’t Care Anymore – Phil Collins
    I See You – Rich Mullins
    In The Air Tonight – Phil Collins
    Inertia Creeps – Massive Attack
    Into the Grey – Everest
    Just Breathe – Pearl Jam
    Kells Opening Theme – Iona
    Last Goodbye – Jeff Buckley
    Lavinia – The Veils
    Learning To Fly – Tom Petty
    Learning to Fly – Pink Floyd
    Lose Yourself – Eminem
    Losing a Whole Year – Third Eye Blind
    Lucky Denver Mint – Jimmy Eat World
    Mad About You – Sting
    Mad World – Gary Jules version
    Made You Look – Nas
    Mama – Genesis
    Meet Me on Main Street – The Push Stars
    Mojo Pin – Jeff Buckley
    Music For a Found Harmonium – Celtic Fiddle Festival (and many others)
    No Light, No Light – Florence and the Machine
    Once – Pearl Jam
    One Of These Days – Pink Floyd
    Paint it Black – Rolling Stones
    Panic Switch – Silversun Pickups
    Pax Deorum – Enya
    Pennyroyal Tea – Nirvana
    Perth – Bon Iver
    Porcelain – Moby
    Pursuit of Happiness – Lissie (Kid Cudi cover)
    Rap God – Eminem
    Reaching the Potential – A Silent Film
    RearViewMirror – Pearl Jam
    Red Rain – Peter Gabriel
    Rolling in the Deep – Adele
    Rooster – Alice in Chains
    Run – Snow Patrol
    Sail Away – David Gray
    Seven Nation Army – White Stripes
    Sæglópur – Sigur Ros
    Sing Sing Sing – Benny Goodman
    Sirens – Pearl Jam
    Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel
    Southern Cross – Crosby, Stills, and Nash
    Space Oddity – David Bowie
    Suburban War – Arcade Fire
    Tamacun – Rodrigo y Gabriela
    The Crying Tree of Mercury – The Smashing Pumpkins
    The Dam at Otter Creek – Live
    The Time Has Come – Gabriel Shadid
    There There – Radiohead
    This Too Shall Pass – Ok Go
    Under My Thumb – Rolling Stones
    Waking Up – M83, Oblivion OST
    Way Down In The Hole – Steve Earle
    We Used to Wait – Arcade Fire
    What Do I Have To Do? – Stabbing Westward
    When Your Mind’s Made Up – Glen Hansard, Once

  2. Gah. Now I’m reading the other lists and the Song Envy cuts so deeply. So many that I missed, so many better songs that I love more. Where were they in my library? How did I miss them? I suppose that doing this together builds a master list better than any individual one.

    How did I miss Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt?! I watch that video several times a year and show it to those who haven’t seen it. But it just doesn’t live in my iTunes or on my phone. Too strong for casual listening.

  3. Hmm… no questions about the Native American flute music? You’d be the first. I generally don’t tell people I like or listen to it.

    OK: back in 1975 when I still read Rolling Stone and searched record stores for albums with strange covers, buying weird on principle, I bought “Rubycon” A few weeks later a review was published in Rolling Stone, which said, IIRC, this could be last year’s “Phaedra” played backwards. Music too strange for Rolling Stone. That was a plus.

    I thought the music was strange and unusual. Worth listening to. With “Ricochet” in 1976, I thought Tangerine Dream had produced fine music and after that I followed their music through its ups and downs. And without ever meeting anyone else who liked the band until I attended TD’s concert at UCLA a few years ago.

    I also checked out electronic and concrete music albums from the library. That made me popular in the dorm. My friends mocked me for listening to “burps and gurgles.” (Consider if you will, the “Dr. Who” soundtrack. I hadn’t heard it at the time, but I would have loved it.) Once during a group programming project, we each brought some music. Mine horrified everyone. I briefly “worked “as a DJ at college radio station. Took angry calls about playing Kraftwerk.

    Somewhere along the way I realized in music I hear the voice of God. That wasn’t the only qualification for my hundred; passion counts for a lot, too. And I probably made a few mistakes, promoting songs I should have placed in the 2nd hundred.


    Most posted lists have quite a few songs from my second hundred.

    And Lake, you’re dead on about Cash’s cover of “Hurt.” Great. And too painful for frequent listening.


    It’s bemusing to see in people’s lists bands whose other songs I prefer and albums whose other cuts I prefer. Near-miss matches.

    I think I should have put “Read Rain” instead of “Shock the Monkey.”

    “All about the Pentiums” — Great video.

    Thanks everyone for posting their lists: so much wonder I’d forgotten. Sometimes even forgotten to buy.

  4. Oh no! Just saw I’ve been tagged. Looking around now for a witness protection program that doesn’t involve a move to Cleveland. NTTAWWC.

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