The Rolling Stones – Emotional Rescue by chipoonette

Funny thing. I alert you to the danger of Lady Barbara. But I’m the only one who is unafraid.

She may have better taste than me. Probably does. But she also knows I know about Glenn Gould. What do you know?

Are you all such licksplinters that you can’t stand up for yourselves? Good God Almighty.

I know I’ve promised to find the good things in your lists. But I’m not going to do it if you can’t be bothered.

The video up top is good. I described the transcendent moment when I first heard it. It needs no other defense. Find your cojones, my friends.

P.S. We’re all dying. Try this on for size:

I Have Dreamed.

Love is always about love.

One thought on “Falsetto

  1. Barbara is on the road btw. On the mainland to boot. She lives in Hawaii dontcha know. A family mission of some importance. So you have time to get your act together. Do your homework and please try to impress her.

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