Roll Call


Lake seems to think this is a good idea. The “anybody out there” meme.

Me, I’m ready to decamp to Instapunk Rules. Being nice has run its course. Back to the long scrivers.

8 thoughts on “Roll Call

  1. Here! (I’m thinking that the issue is wrapped up, in my case, in that I get a whole lot more from your thoughts/writing than you’d get from mine, hence the mostly silent participation.)

    • You enjoy the image of me talking to myself? I can do that without WordPress.

      I live to hear from everybody. But everybody is quiescent. Why something’s got to change.

      • No. I enjoy being able to read what you have to say. Your voice and perspectives are insightful and enlightening to a level that others cannot match. (Stumbling onto Instapunk back in 2005 or so was like breaking out information from the background noise that comprises most of the content on the web.) Quite selfishly, I don’t want you to stop providing that.

        Got it that you’re looking for a two way conversation between you and us. (That’s why I jump in occasionally, with whatever I have to offer.) I do not know why there aren’t more comments/dialogue here, or previously.

  2. You know I’m here. I’m on the internet less than I used to be, and I’d mark that as a good thing. I’m trying to control my habit of looking at screens all day long, to start looking up, looking at people, looking at the sky more. But you know that your posts are the leaders in the active life of my mind.

  3. I’m here, except when I’m not, which is when I’m kept from a keyboard, which is a bit more often than I’d like at this point. Being busy and/or outdoorsy is great, but the mental stimulus of holding still and reading good words is not something to be dismissed lightly. Like most of the others, I find little in my observations worthy of adding (but you know this), but will give it a go more often. It does seem a bit unfair, now’s you mention it.

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