The O Administration in a Nutshell

Huge Hat Tip to Hotair. I can’t improve on the juxtaposition of an ancient multimillionaire parasite descendant of real producers condescending in the rawest bumper sticker terms to his political opposition — countered by a living human being who has actually felt the slings and arrows of life’s bare bodkin. Here:

Rockefeller should have felt shame. Did he? No. Progressives never feel shame. They’re all too damn stupid to comprehend simple logic, too infatuated with themselves to experience empathy, too lofty to see that virtue is not a function of their own godhood. They’re the quality. The rest of us are stinking, evil peasants.

Makes me nostalgic for Britain’s (when there still was a Britain, alas) sly understanding of what aristocrats were really good for.

I know. This happened more than a couple years ago, Dude.

But isn’t it interesting that the so-called party of the common man is now dominated by rich insiders who have no idea what kind of lives most common men lead between the incestuous power corridors of Washington and the gay bars of San Francisco?

I’m sure Hotair’s Allahpundit was most moved by Ron Johnson’s impassioned response to Rockefeller. I was most moved by Rockefeller’s subsequent response to Johnson. He’s not a sociopath. He’s a moral moron.

As all progressives in this nightmare era of American decline have become. Why I don’t keep up much with current events. When I don’t mention current affairs, it’s because they’re too ridiculously insane to be worthy of rational comment and too absurd to be possible of satire.

All I’d wish on Rockefeller is a good taxidermist. Except that I suspect he — and every other accomplice in this vandal regime — has already been stuffed with confetti made of shredded copies of the New York Times and posed in the museum of progressive paleontology like extinct creatures from an age no one should ever want back.

As I said. O in a nutshell. Emphasis on the ‘hell.’

3 thoughts on “The O Administration in a Nutshell

  1. Rockefeller needed to be beaten with a cane for that performance (ah, the good old days!). What an obnoxiously pretentious individual.

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