It’s ALL war now.

The Blitzkrieg is on. Maybe you’ve missed it with all the talk that the administration is at low ebb and taking mortal shots every day. Poppycock. Der kampf is right on schedule.

I know you’re busy, have personal travails of your own, have political and cultural issues you follow because they hit your hot buttons. And so you’re probably missing it. We are in the midst of an all-out assault on the America we grew up in, and the weapons we have available in our defense have about as much chance of succeeding against the enemy as the Polish horse cavalry had against German tanks in 1939.

We’re in the bowels of the second term. The time when boredom and lassitude and cowardice and personal distractions make it easy to overlook the systematic and deliberate scheme to destroy the United States of America once and for all.

In the last two weeks, there is no aspect of our values and beliefs that has not been subjected to continuous assault, either directly and provocatively or cynically and seditiously.

They’ve taken sports away from us. They’ve taken entertainment away from us. They’ve taken our universities away from us. They’re trying to take our moral and biological convictions about sexuality away from us. (Not to mention life.)

Yeah. Suck it, Sarah. You’re the joke here. Half conscious jester ordinaire.

They’re trying to take our freedom of expression and other constitutional liberties away from us. They’re taking our hopes for the future away from us. And they’re winning on every issue but guns.

It’s all more than I can summarize. Too many links, too much explanation to quote.

All I can do today is hyperlink the names of writers who are talking about the lightning attack in its various dimensions. Which should work out okay, because everybody’s really way too busy to feel the groaning of the ship as it sinks. Less angst that way, don’t you know?

James Pinkerton.

Jordan Schachtel and Raheem Kassan.

Laura Barron-Lopez, and er, Brian McNoldy. Also, Rowan Scarborough.

Jon Gabriel.

Fox News.

Joel Pollak.

Jazz Shaw.

Frank Bruni.

A.J. Delgado.

Kevin Williamson.

Heather MacDonald

And just because I can’t quite bring myself to fly the white flag, here are two little essays designed to put some spine in your spine.

Left Offended.

And this one, which I’m actually minded to quote from, at length, because I’m feeling so pissed off.

The truth is that conservatism is an ideology that is in accord with natural law and basic human decency, while liberalism is merely the summit of a slippery slope leading down to the hellish depths of collectivist misery.

Liberals aren’t going to like to hear this manifest and demonstrable truth. So you’re going to get called “racist,” “sexist” and “homophobic,” even if you’re a conservative black lesbian.

What you are not going to get is an argument. An argument is a collected series of statements designed to establish a definite proposition. Arguments involve the presentation of facts and evidence from which one draws a conclusion. Implied within the concept of an argument is the potential that one might change his conclusion. But liberals start with the conclusion.

They don’t change their conclusions based on the facts and evidence; they change the facts and evidence based on the conclusion they want. This is why a 105 degree day is irrefutable proof of global warming, while a 60 degree day is irrefutable proof of global warming. As is a -20 degree day.

Liberals are only concerned with argument, or what superficially appears to be argument, as a rhetorical bludgeon designed to beat you into submission. They aren’t trying to change your mind. They don’t expect you to agree with them. They don’t even care whether or not you grow to love Big Brother.

They just want you to shut up and let them run rampant. If you understand that, you’ll be fine…

…This is why I prefer to counterattack. When you counterattack, you ignore the proposition offered by the liberal and refuse to respond on the liberal’s preferred terms. In fact, you don’t even need to address the same subject the liberal is talking about. Your goal is not to undercut the liberal’s assertion. You’re going to counterattack to undercut the liberal himself.

There are many good reasons to choose the approach of treating the liberal like he is a terrible person with terrible ideas who seeks to impose a quasi-fascist police state upon America, including the fact that it’s all true.

Let’s try a counterattack battle drill. Some doofus with a “Capitalism Is a Patriarchal, Cisnormative Hate Crime” t-shirt starts babbling about “privilege.” The undecideds start listening, their jaws drooping slightly. Some of the more conservative ones are silent, not wanting to be labeled racist by some geek whose grandfather came from Oslo. You need to act. So you causally inject the question, “Hey, why are you an eager and active member of a political party that made a KKK kleagle a beloved Senate Majority Leader?”

Then you mention that you’re a member of the party that fought slavery and didn’t turn hoses on civil rights marchers. Then you finish by announcing, “Well, I’m going to stand with Dr. King and judge people by the content of their character.” It’s optional whether you then get up, scream that the liberal should have issued you a trigger warning about his racism, and leave.

But be careful – the liberal may totally spit in the next latte he sells you.

Some people might question whether this kind of Alinsky-esque tactic means we are stooping to the liberals’ level. Except the liberals’ level is six feet underground, where the victims of collectivism lie buried. Anyone not willing to take the fight to them simply empowers their liberal fascist fantasies.

I’m pretty sure this has been a total waste of time. Where I am right now.

Sorry. Some things, as I’ve always known, are too big to see.

Left and liberal are no longer terms that have anything to do with one another. The left in this country is totalitarian. As the essay quoted above declares, they are terrible people. If you can’t see that and battle it tooth and claw, there is no hope for us whatsoever.

P.S. Okay. Since I know you’re too busy to read, I’ll give you a hint about what’s going on. The ObamaCare and VA screwups are not an accident any more than IRS targeting was. It’s about shearing off big chunks of inconvenient traditional populations. The scheme has always been about death panels for the inconvenient Americans. Old folks who once learned about the constitution get squeezed subtly out of life. Veterans who have a patriotic love of American exceptionalism need to be trimmed down in numbers. Middle class achievers need to be forced down, down, down into a simple fight for month to month survival until they too are government dependents.

Black people. The powers that be in the lefty world never regarded them as anything but chips on the table. Now they’re valuing Hispanics at 1.2 to 1 over blacks, not as people, mind, but simply a higher denomination of gullible losers. So far it looks like they’ve done their calculus right. Nothing sadder than Democrat politicians pushing for illegal alien amnesty when the first jobs lost will be those of their most loyal constituents.

And so it goes… until all that is left are the government schooled morons of all the motley sexes and races who know no history and have no allegiances except to the first person offering them a check for simply being there.

Congratulations, Brizoni. Your rational, godless universe is being born. The smart guys have made a shrewd deduction. Transfer America’s wealth to the rest of the world, pauperize the producers, and trust that there will still be enough money to fund a class of aristocratic American plutocrats who flit from Paris to Dubai to Monte Carlo while their kids learn tyranny at Harvard and Yale. (I first learned this from an MIT guy from a union family who exclaimed constantly about the Brits: “They’ve committed every economic mistake in the world and just LOOK at how much money there still is in the U.K.!” As if money were the point. Union values.) The best of all possible worlds? Sure. Absolutely. As long as our own kids can go to Sidwell Friends before they’re old enough for MIT.

Why am I so tired? Some few outlier intellectuals are acting and writing as if they discovered the phenomenon of lefty hatred of America. God bless their perspicacity, but I identified it 40 years ago. I specified its sources and how it would remake the world. Now, having been right so early, I’m not sure how to make it new again. But you’re all dying day by day from my failure to become more than a crackpot.

That’s what galls me. I thought you needed to know what was going on and how it happened. Never thought you needed to learn how to fight in the first place. My bad.

But I give up. YOU pick which one of me you want.

Well, I wanted “Fight” from Dirty Work (N/A on mobile devices??) Would have made the choice easier. So be it. You can’t always get you want.

But if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need. On your wife’s laptop. :).

Don’t be high fiving or fist bumping just yet. I know how to fight for civilization. Do you? Think before you answer. If you don’t know how to fight to the death like a cornered wolf, where you gonna run, where you gonna hide?

10 thoughts on “It’s ALL war now.

  1. As far as I can see, they haven’t missed anyone. This is an extraordinary concatenation of so many vile actions. Really well done. Thank you.

    But so far at least we can still vote and I urge everyone to get out and get rid of these monsters.

  2. Obama’s only a symptom. The real disease is the people who continue to defend him no matter what. This Berghdal thing has me seeing red. How could the entire country not be outraged? How could Obama make his loathing of our nation any more obvious aside from wearing a sandwich board around saying, “I FUCKING HATE THE UNITED STATES!” And by the way, all this for a “privileged” middle-class white male. Meanwhile, the minority immigrant woman in the Sudan sentenced to death for the crime of converting away from Islam? He couldn’t care less about her, the fact that she’s legally married to a US citizen and been waiting years for permission to join her husband, nor her two children (full US citizens) also being held in the Sudan, one of which she just gave birth to in her squalid prison surroundings.

    But this is supposed to be a happy, happy, joy-joy time b/c it’s a “POW” release. And you know how much those bleeding heart liberals care about not leaving anyone behind, which is why they’ve been so upset about Benghazi from the start.

    Hypocritical, retarded shit bags, all of them. Think about this: these people have more loyalty to the Democrat party than their own country, fellow citizens, or any sort of objective moral code. You let me know when you think of a method of warring against them which doesn’t involve bullets. Our Republican “leadership” certainly isn’t interested in doing a fucking thing other than producing a nice sound byte or considering looking into possibly thinking about starting a committee to investigate something.

    • I have let you know repeatedly. It does no good to be spitting mad about one thing at a time, usually the latest thing. I’ve made many suggestions about how to join the larger battle, but as always, it’s a buyer’s market.

  3. I wanted to make a video blog like my old Delphi forum, instead of the lame videos I used to put on YouTube, but it seems like nobody wants to fucking help me.

    This is the fucking internet age, where people can collaborate with people on the other side of the world, if they want to, GD IT…

    RFL: May I email you? I thought I knew your email address, but I’m not sure what it is anymore.

    Add to that the fact that you left…

    • Does the name Mark Parr mean anything to you? Maybe a friend of a friend?

      Regardless, go to All is not lost.

      • Mark Parr: If you mean the midget, that’s how I felt after writing that.


        That’s why I’ve been away for so long.

        I’ll be sure to come up to speed on Instapunk Rules ASAP.

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