Deerhound Diary Renewed

Some history. I wrote Deerhound Diary to get away from it all. Then, when I couldn’t get away from it all, I went on to a blog called InstaPunk Rules. Over a thousand posts. But the lords of WordPress decided to shut me down. I can no longer post there. As soon as I log in, I am informed that there has been a system error and I can’t even see my past posts, let alone create a new one.

But I’m an old dog with an old bag of tricks. Deerhound Diary is still where I abandoned it. Raebert is seven now, a divine number in the scheme of things.

I will blog from here as if I had never left. Watch this space.

One thought on “Deerhound Diary Renewed

  1. I kept checking Instapunk and wondered what the hay-fire happened over there. I think I first discovered your blog when someone linked your controversial “Dealing with It” post to their blog.

    Holder and Obama are gone, which is good enough for me.

    I’m a filthy populist, though, and don’t even mind the stink of Trump, though (or Bannon). Breitbart Lives! Apparently life still yet beats in the chest of the old punk as well.

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