The United States of Robert

Yup. End of Western Civilization. How it looks.

I held a vote. I won 1-0. I am now my own country, seceded from everything.

Why? Because you’re all disgusting. Every institution I have ever revered or respected is corrupt. No place left even on the Internet I can go to for plain speaking. Now, even Drudge and Breitbart are on some sort of anti-American warpath. I agree with Joe Jersey. Trump should should just say fuck you and resign. He doesn’t need this. Neither do I.

Fake news comes from both left and right. No way to differentiate any more. The map above is inaccurate. The United States of Robert is just a pinpoint of New Jersey, located in the lower left hand corner. Or it spans an entire nation fed up with lies, idiocy, and nonsense.

It’s not true that I don’t care. It’s that nobody else really does. The Facebook experience. People just trade links, like some digital game of Old Maid, “Well, here’s something I agree with and have nothing of my own to say about: Share, Like, Emoji. Hmmm, do you have a Queen? Aha.”

After a lifetime of fighting what is finally winning, functional sociopaths raised by incompetent narcissist parents, I accept defeat. There is no winning this war for civilization. It’s gone.

Why I have declared the United States of Robert. The only path left is solipsism. The hero of the United States of Robert is Glenn Gould.

Some of us can still live until the barbarians come to kill us.

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