Leni, Leni Tekel Upharsin

Leni Riefenstahl was probably the greatest propagandist of the twentieth century. She was a brilliant cinematographer, and she made the milestone Hitler movie,”The Triumph of the Will.”

Bad eyes. Always bad eyes with sociopaths.

Thing is, she really had no politics. She was in love with images of masculine and feminine beauty. Sex and sex and sex. She escaped the purge of ex-Nazis someho and went hunting with her camera in Africa.

Older but all the more a voyeur.

Great photos.


Ve luv us some hunky Männer.

And some frauleins too.

Beautiful pics, but they buy her no forgiveness, because she did this too:

Arid amoral talent is ultimately empty. Something millennials should set about learning. They’re well on the way to a place Dante described in detail.




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