Norman Rules: A Screenplay

Norman Rules

A Screenplay

INTERIOR: DAY. A high tech subway train speeding into an underground station.

INTERIOR: DAY: Monastery Station. John disembarks.

He is met by Sister Gregory.

Gregory: At last we meet. The quarterback I’ve been waiting for. Time to meet the Boss, I think.

Mother Clive: I am Mother Clive, presiding abbot of the St. Ralph Monastery. You can call me Mother Clive. I’ve been warned that you might be a problem child. Sister John.

Me? No. Just a guy who plays the game for the Anglo-Orthodox Chirch.

Mother Clive: You do understand that there are three levels here. Enlightenment, Service, and Atonement. Football is and will always be Atonement.

John: I think so.

Montage: Sister John throwing long bombs and connecting. Mother Clive not happy.

EXTERIOR: Saint Jenny overlooking the field from the Saints Suite.

St. Jenny: Woof. Look at that guy. Want him.


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