Shuteye Town 1999

This is the silent, textless version. For example, at Moon Books you can click through to book jackets but not the book text that sometimes goes with them. Obviously we have a lot more work ahead of us. But you do have nearly 4,000 image files to wander through. Click on anything and everything. Persevere. You never know what you’ll find. Some links are broken, but most are in working order. You can go anywhere from here; you’re not stuck in the mall. If you don’t like being arrested, you can use the back key. But getting arrested is its own adventure. Just saying…

ST99 Thumb

From early comments at a previous post, I need to clarify something. Shuteye Town is really really BIG. If you go in with the idea that you can get the gist in a few minutes or hours, you will miss the ginormosity of the thing. It is a place, vast and various. It has two complete subway systems, multiple TV stations, and its own Internet. You can visit every single train station, channel, and website. The mall is only the first stop. ST99 is hugeistic. You can’t navigate it in a day. Why the people who have grappled with it, lo, these many years, call it The Great White Whale. Are we clear?

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